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Nyarlathotep gold Idol

Nyarlathotep, in the "Faceless God" form. A fictional idol based upon the Mythos of writer H.P Lovecraft. My original statue is here. [link]

I love the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game, and it is based on an image of "The faceless God" on page 17 of Chaosiums "Ye Booke of Monstres" volume one.

Hand made by me out of clay and then gold leafed to look like an ancient Eqyptian artifact. Yes the picture is very dark, a photo of a "1920s Nyarlathotep cultist with broadsword in africa" is under the statue. A 1915 Steyr-Hahn 9mm auto is behind it to lend ambiance.
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Aaah! This is awesome, I love it! Not really into the RP game, but I'm glad it's brought so much attention to Lovecraft's work...Nyarlathoptep was always my favorite of Lovecraft's creations. You've done a wonderful job!
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i didn't notice the gun. :o
the photo makes it look like you found the statue, and that you have a reason to arm yourself. :D very cool.
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Thank you, if you look at the original [link] un-gold plated statue you might notice a gun in the background with slightly better firepower . :)
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oh my. i think i'll stay on your good side. :)
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i have nothing to say..but this is really cool..
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