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Mythos Hunters Dagger II

Sheath made of an unknown substance and blade of a unique copper alloy thats hard as steel....

Ok, I made the hilt and sheath of polymer clay, with a handmade pewter Elder Sign (Lovecraft version) built into it. The crossgaurd is pewter and the blade is steel, both chemically treated to look like copper.

Elder signs are carved on both sides. I imagine it can be a weapon with the sheath on or off and used by a hero fighting against the Cthulhu Mythos.
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wow this looks amazing!
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[link] This art has been featured by FFM. Thanks for your inspiring work.
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OMG this is now featured on PROPNOMICON !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dude, that is really cool!
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Thank you, and thank you again for the Fave!!!!
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That looks really good, thanks for sharing :)
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Thank you, I'll keep the Cthulhu comming. I need to upload my statue of Tsathoggua soon.
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Wow! I would love to have something like that! :D
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Thank you!! It's sharp too, I wanted it to be a real working knife.
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I like that you give a brief look into you're process of creation. Very cool stuff! Seeing you're stuff has reminded me of how much I miss being able to do metal working...
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Thank you!!! Yeah metal work is fun. Right now I only really do pewterwork, I had a chance to play with my friend Fearghus's Forge but it will be a long time until I can do Ironwork.

This summer I plan to build a viking Kiln and set up my own blacksmithing forge to expand my arts.
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Nice! I'm pretty much stuck doing clay and mold working only, can't wait to graduate and find a place with a little more room so I can start playing around. I look forward to seeing what you come up with working with a forge, sounds like a lot of fun. :)
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All you need to do pewter is a few cheap items and a kitchen counter.
1. a set of exacto knives to carve the soapstone or cheap wood Chisels.
2. some soapstone
3. a Cast iron ladle and a propane torch (check local gunstore for the ladle $15-30)
4. A large 1 foot x1 foot, marble tile to pour the molten metal over ($3-5)
5. Some welding gloves, or thick leather gloves.

When I built the dagger I needed to make a pewter crossguard on the knife that looked ...primitive, not factory made. So I made a mold of raw sculpy with a soapstone back and it poured perfectly.
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Thanks so much!
It will be nice to play with some metal again! :)
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You are a man of many talents I see! Very creative and great craftsmanship. It looks really ancient.
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Thanks!!! I chemically treat it to age and patina.

The chemical that turns the metal coppery, also adds verdigris if not quickly washed off.

The sheath I used layers of light tinting between layers of shellac.
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