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Mistgod might have a point (orbs in the darkness)

.....Well he is a friggen wizard! :)  So I reexamined the photos I took the other night....and noticed some of those orbs could be seen in a picture or the eye. maybe it was not dust... )See them here…      )

I have three of the original images at full resolution and next to it the same image under full contrast using GIMP. Its a huge file but feel free to download it and play with it in Gimp, photo shop or whatever program you use.

It seems to only have been that night. The center photo was me attempting to get a mountain close up but it inadvertently got a close up of one of those orbs.

Unlike the first picture… where you can see orbs in front of other orbs and through them. These orbs are further away....but by the time I took the last photo...they apparently closed in on me as you can see in the original photo here.…

It's not ghosts, it's something but I'm sure science has an answer.  Either way , I'm gonna go hunting for space bubbles tonight. I'm really feeling like a CoC character in this house....I love it.
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spirit orbs that is 
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Very interesting difference!  

I still say they are orbs!