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Miskatonic Mythadventures (I'm trademarked!)
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Published: August 28, 2014
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....Well do you want to be published? Have you a dream of being part of the Mythos? Are you willing to deal with a control freak that wants to present an era-period set of source books, adventures and game aids based upon the Lovecraft Mythos without worrying about game specific information or politically correct themes? Do you want to have to do a LOT of research? Do you want to do it for free to build a resume?

Well we might be the publisher for you. Just don't expect to be paid...or at least not up front as this is a startup more about getting folks into the industry and putting out material not offered by others.

We don't shy from historical fact as Lovecraft saw it. sexism, cultural exploitation, jingoism, racism and the ugliness of cultural, and religious intolerance are open themes. Classism is a fact of the era, and political bias, and ignorance is the norm.  Don't worry unlike when my granddad was a child the "Irish can apply!".  :)

.......It aint our Earth
We present Lovecraft's world, not a pastiche-based one with cultural respect outside the US.... but as a world based upon the ignorance and creativity of H.P.Lovecraft.

In Lovecrafts alternate reality the northeastern US and Britain could be called civilized,  everything else was suspect. The south and western US were dangerous and wild places, Africa and South America savage lands, Asia was the sinister orient, where unholy practices went on. The Middle East was backwards and mysterious with violent nomads. 

Lovecrafts world, like tolkien and R.E.Howards was based upon earth but were alternate histories. We might call a nation China or Germany but it's not the same place as on our earth...it's the imaginary version of H.P.Lovecraft's fanciful and often offensive imagination that ultimately created the greatest cosmic horror background of the last 100yrs.

We are using mostly the copyright free material, of Lovecraft, Howard and Smith to base most material as well as period sources. No source post-1930 can be used for cultural, ethnographical, religious, cultural, or anthropological details, as this was not available to Lovecraft during the major years of his publication.  

........What I'm looking for
At the time not much, other than making contacts for those wanting to participate, and getting the brick and mortar studio of Arkham Antiquities finished . I created my company to partner with my two best friends and fulfill a childhood dream, but I'm willing to share it with anyone sharing our vision.

I'm frustrated by some cultural sourcebooks that are made with little connection to the background created by Lovecraft and wanting to fill gaps or replace books incongruous to that of Lovecrafts Mythos.

 We are looking for mature, educated and nuanced writers who can handle writing about the 1920s with taste and decorum...even though human sacrifice and unwholesome subjects are it's base. If you can write from a 1920s perspective all the better.

........What we are not looking for
Writers pushing a political issue, religious or racial baiting, folks looking to push only their creations of the mythos, poseurs,  mealy-mouthed PC writers, excessive profanity, extraneous nudity or shocking just to shock.  Anything that seems from a modern perspective has no place in the 1920s. Lovecraft was not obscene either so we are not looking for that either. Watch my page and more will become clearer in the weeks ahead.

....Pay attention
Games Designers
Deep ones (Actually Deep Ones need not apply.)

More is to come in the coming weeks.
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MistgodHobbyist Traditional Artist
You are looking in the right place that is for sure!  I don't think I am one of the writers you want, but I do watch your projects with great interest and wish you tremendous fortune and luck. 
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vonmeer General Artist
Very true dA is perhaps the best place... and while we are doing 1920s horror currently, we will eventually be covering Cthulhu Dark Ages that might be more your style.

Who knows the future we might have,  we might do some fantasy projects eventually and you would be perfect for that, as fantasy is where you really shine. We will do Dreamlands, and that's fantasy too.

 Have you checked out Gygax magazine yet? It's an old school gaming magazine based on the 70s and 80s Dragon magazine run by Gygaxes son, and brother.
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MistgodHobbyist Traditional Artist
Possibly! :nod:

My wife Shel just discovered Gygax magazine the other day.  We must have it! 
 This seems very interesting, I hope you get a lot of writers!
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vonmeer General Artist
As do I!!!

Right now I'm having my two best friends that I have not seen in 20yrs ,move out here and join the startup. We always said we would do this and we aint getting younger. My wife is a writer, and where I live is a bohemian town so with all that and the tons of talent on dA i'm pretty hopeful.
I've always liked H.P. Lovecrafts works, so I wonder where this going to go.

Yeah, you should have no trouble finding talent here on deviantart. 
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