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Lucis comedenti vonmeeri (new species)

"I look into a sky of night, ........eyes are weary
skies are dreary,
Nothing there within my sight, nothing clearly
Nothing nearly
My hound is struck with sudden fright
Pulling leash with all her might
Dragging me into the light
For unknown things have taken flight..

I wake to morning all is right, ......skies are cheery
No longer weary,
What happened was it real or theory?
Lies my query..
Do I trust my mind or sight?
It can't be real, it is not right.
For others won't observe my plight, in darkness dwells the things that bite."
                     -Doktor Helmut von Meer-
"Defrocked Prior" and owner of Arkham Antiquities.

Good gentleman (This topic is to strong for a ladies constitution). I decided to paint the creature to better illustrate this animal on some canvas. This will be my finial report on the Orbs of Arkham Manor as I have greater research than flying monsters to attend too.

I have named it, and this new species is Lucis comedenti vonmeeri (Vonmeers Light Eater), not to be confused with the Monstrum volantes spaghetti that those atheists clamor on about... though it is possibly related. This beast was only discoverable by using filters in my darkroom to show the creature.

I have painted it, to give it a sense of contrast and conditions lighter than when it shows as it absorbs light making it near invisible. As I believe it eats light and consumes energy...perhaps that's why the orbs that follow it,  move in on the living, unnerving the grounds when the sun sets, their hunger grows.

Ok folks...last image of the Orbs, being a GIMP painting trying to look like a 1920s style oil I quickly put together this afternoon. This whole weirdness WILL be turned into game material.

Based upon the real life case of "The Orbs of Arkham Manor". For the full story check out the links.

Part 1 Unmodified Original
Part 2 The Orbs of Arkham Manor /Horus Awakens
Part 3 The Orbs of Arkham Manor /Horus Awakens part III
Part 4 Horus the tentacled horror part 4 (see it?)
Part 5 Horus the tentacled horror part 5
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Great work on the painting BTW, for some reason it reminds me of old Renaisssance religious art, except the figure descending is not Jesus or a saint! 
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To see this coming over the horizon!  :ohnoes:
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Ir clearly states it's not the Monstrum volantes spaghetti... LoL, it's latin.
HectorEDefendi's avatar
I know... lol

BTW... The NRA Ruger 10/22 wasn't there, the plate carrier was sold, and only one AR500 curved level 3 plate, so... I'll be getting the black with dark wood stock Ruger 10/22 tomorrow :)
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Never go wrong with a 10/22, I got one set up as a mg42...and my wife keeps her factory.

I use a condor carrier (yeah it's cheap and chinese made but it fit's the largest plates (14 inch tall plates) required for me. I use curved front, and side plates with a straight back plate.

You made the right decision as you wanna get the plsates from the same source, and one plate is sorta incomplete.

I throw out the impact pad, and use 18 layers (level II) of surplus police armor under it.

So you now have 56 guns....
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Yup, I'll be using curved front, and side plates with a straight back plate too :)

Heh..., Ya remembered. 56, yup! :)
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I remember when any out does me. I'll be catching up....stop buying guns... lol
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LOL... I'll stop at 100 (though I said that I'd stop at 50) lol...
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Perfect, Then I'll stop at 101   :)
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