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King in Yellow Chessman



This is part of a game, that was at first thought to be a set of Chessman. Upon inspection it was quite different and included a strange cloaked figure. (Shown) In addition the other pieces all being all black or Red...

It was in the hands of an arrested lunatic who was both feeble minded, missing both ears, and some fingers. He had it wrapped up, and fought to keep it.

Upon investigation we found he was a survivor of one of the showings of the King in Yellow over 20 years ago. Ranting about mad things and acting like a wildman when the game was taken from him.

Later, he was found dead in his cell, apparently he bit off his own tongue and choked on it. We only know he was using terms from that damned performance. He painted a strange symbol on the wall in his blood as he choked out that has since been cleaned up.

Whatever the rules to this "Carcosa" chess set was lost with the pinheads passing. Perhaps he made it, and in the end it's just another reminder of the mass hysteria associated with that play.

Oddly the body has since disappeared....

Made from a re-carved plaster chessman and super sculpey. I'm actually making a small chess set with this.
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