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Innsmouth Fishhook (Circa 1919)

An old rusty Innsmouth fishhook with 5 barbed "tentacle" hooks. It's posed over a 1920s ivory and iron hook to show scale.

Innsmouth produced numerous types of odd hooks for the fishing aficionado/collector and the iron "Octo" series were interesting as they inherently acted as weighted sinkers.

After the raid on Innsmouth, these have grown in value and rarity. A curious part of fishing ephemera.

Made of Super Sculpey, aged to look rusty. I based the rusty color off of the real 1920s era fishhook it's posed upon.
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Waitwaitwait. SCULPEY!?
The combination of deep pitting, smoother sections flaking with rust, and odd buildup here and there is very well executed... just unevenly distributed enough to look like an actual metal object instead of something painted to look like metal. Fantastic!
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Very nice rust effect.