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Horus the tentacled horror part 5



"I look into a sky of night, eyes are weary
skies are dreary,
Nothing there within my sight, nothing clearly
Nothing nearly
My hound is struck with sudden fright
Pulling leash with all her might
Dragging me into the light
For unknown things have taken flight.."
This is something far better suited to those fortean studies at Miskatonic where esoterica is more ...appreciated.  I am just an enthusiast that seems to attract the bizarre. Well collecting curiosities from abroad will do that, my collecting of strange idols, religious artifacts and penchant for carving human bones (Fear not, not good Christian bones...simply pagan remains) might create an angry spirit of two. But bully on that, for this is no mere spirit...It had form... and tentacles...

More unnerving was my hound seemed to sense it and it was not looking at me but the house itself. Can the lack of light be attached to this? Could they be feeding upon the light? Is that why the unyielding night is so omnipresent even moving into the house?

I believe the lights are the key here in Arkham Manor...I believe they serve two purposes, to feed the darkness, and to keep it at bay.

In this I increased it's size by a factor of 5 and then followed the shadows to their natural conclusion. Green was used to highlight it as it was almost pure black,other than the red "eye". 

The left the contrasted combo photo on the middle a highlighted image showing the tentacles...on the far right is my quick interpetation of it. So do I believe it's a Cthulhuian, but it's weird and well it is pretty cool. I'm building a horror RPG company and calling my home Arkham Manor so this is serendipitous to inspire my creative energy.  

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I like the way you did this! It remember me videos I seen from  a guy who use graphic bugs in programs to draw landscape  and people from another world, kind of considering what you see in those random images could come from other dimensions:…

Maybe it is where this monster comes from ^^. He is still here, and you are as much invisible for him than he is for you :p. He may even have drawn you too!