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Horus the tentacled horror part 4 (see it?)



Well I highlighted it and it actually seems rather like a flying one eyed tentacled mass with an "eye of horus" for an eye. Well aint that the darndest. Anyone else see it? It's not like the other orbs..

A mountain view, built in library and flying tentacled horrors.....I LOVE THIS THIS PLACE. Arkham Manor is my Lovecraftian can't buy tentacled monstrosities, but if you get them jackpot.

The left the contrasted combo photo  on the right a highlighted image showing the tentacles...

Part 1 Unmodified Original
Part 2 The Orbs of Arkham Manor /Horus Awakens
Part three The Orbs of Arkham Manor /Horus Awakens part III
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