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Home is where the heart is (Kingdom of acre) by vonmeer Home is where the heart is (Kingdom of acre) by vonmeer
We never forget our root's....I was a young lad just turned 16 when I went to faire. Amid the pageantry and clashing steel  met a knight, a great Knight called Sir Andreas de Vulpes.  He was sitting on a stool with a cocky look on his face....I kinda asked if they needed workers.

He seemed amused, and let me know that they did not get paid, but did it for the love of history. He had me attend the next fighter practice and I was hooked. I met my knight (Sir Vincenzo), and fellow squires.

I was not always the humble Prior Helmut...but simply Lord Helmut, the third son of Sir Vincenzo, former Reeve of Kyrenia, and most likely the greatest drinker/drunk the Kingdom would ever know.

I went to both SCA and MSR events, but they could not be compared to eachother. In the 80s the sca was more fantasy, where the MSR was uber-period and held events in actual castles, Gothic Churches and Even the Cloisters in NYC.... Acre was, and still is the finest medieval reenactment group out there.

I was landed (and given "goats, cattle and sheep" lol) by the late, great King Ricardo when he gave away my wife to me upon our wedding 19yrs ago...I have honored him with a pilgrims badge that I hope to get to Acre someday. I miss him, he made every event more merry just by his being there.

Eventually I took to the cloth, and took pilgrimage to Pennsic Where the sovereigns Andreas and Adrianna gave me Tortosa in 2010. I'm going to make them proud.....

        Acre will always have my heart, or hart as it may be..   

Permission granted to The Kingdom of Acre, or Medieval Scenarios and Recreations, Ltd. to use this image however they wish. The heraldry is the property of The Kingdom of Acre, under the corporate heading of Medieval Scenarios and Recreations, Ltd.…
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September 4, 2014
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