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Fetish of Crom (Human Bone and Mammoth Ivory)

This is a prop inspired by the writing of Robert E. Howard, made of mammoth ivory and genuine human bone. The description below is fictional. Item is not for sale.

(Written on top)

Fetish to the Mountain God Crom (12,000+ years old)

Discovered north of Minieh Egypt 1896

The Aryan races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy colour, are yet all of one and the same stock – the Fifth Root-Race – and spring from one single progenitor who is said to have lived over 18,000,000 years ago, and also 18,000 years ago – at the time of the sinking of the last remnants of the great continent of Atlantis.

There are, or rather still were a few years ago, descendants of these half-animal tribes or races, both of remote Lemurian and Lemuro-Atlantean origin ... Of such semi-animal creatures falling into and out of grace, from man to beast and back.

Thus will mankind, race after race, perform its appointed cycle-pilgrimage. Climates will, and have already begun, to change, each tropical year after the other dropping one sub-race, but only to beget another higher race on the ascending cycle; while a series of other less favoured groups – the failures of nature – will, like some individual men, vanish from the human family without even leaving a trace behind.

From a séance conducted by famed mentalist Erik Jan Hanussen. In 1924

“Lo this is of the half human Cimmerian, a degenerate race of Atlantean root. A people of Briton, no before Briton before the deluge covered the lands. A warrior race, hard of heart and fiercely independent.

The Amulet is to the man-beasts god, I think its name is Krom or Crom, yes Crom. The bearer I sense felt some shame in his fetish, as charms are not the way of it’s kind.

How did he get into ancient Egypt, wait no it’s not Egypt. The vision is hazed over by time. . no I see a Priest of Set, this predates all dynasties.

The owner was killed, a knife of Iron? His heart was cut out and fed… to a snake?”

At this point Hanussen fell unconscious for numerous hours, and was unavailable for greater explanation. It has passed into the Theosophical Society in 1924 where it has been added to our catalog of historical curiosities.

While the Theosophical Society does not wholly endorse Hanussens findings it includes it for greater context.

Fetish is made of Mammoth ivory, in the shape of a mountain peak backed onto a piece of Human bone. Connected on a wooden peg with a hemp or jute cord.

------- Background Concept ---------

My concept is a Cimmerian (no not that one) was like all humans flawed and carried a fetish or "holy symbol" of Crom to steady his resolve. (Not every Cimmerian thinks in lockstep, is my assumption. I know Conan said they barely worship but not everyones the same.)

He eventually made his way to Stygia where he was sacrificed by a priest of Set. (One of the many masks of Nyarlathotep). Most likely brought in as a slave.

His fetish only to be discovered in 1896 in Egypt, and by 1924 being in the hands of the Theosophical Society.

Eventually ending up in the New York Lodge of Theosophists until stolen in 1926 by a unknown student of Miskatonic.

I needed to do a trial run cutting and carving (to thin to carve) and this is my first attempt at human bone jewelry. I believe it's the first dedicated R.E.Howard/H.P. Lovecraft Prop in human bone.
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Where did the bone come from?
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I believe it is from India, before the import ban of 1985, as it has marrow that is very crystallized, and not the more current Chinese imports.

I assume it is female as when my wife held it to her torso it seemed just slightly smaller. I'm pretty sure all the bones come from the same donor. Either way it's definitely Asian.
TheWingedBoggart's avatar
It seems relly weird to wear people.
vonmeer's avatar
It's meant to be weird. We wear animals, and as mammals in the end become the same materials. What we are as living beings is unique, but in death that uniqueness fades, and depending on the view of the culture is treated differently.

Of course what I'm saying is a bit of a cop out, but it makes one think nevertheless. Plus, I'm trying lot's of weird materials lately, including dinosaur poop.

It most likely seems weird to wear dino-poop too..
TheWingedBoggart's avatar
Yeah, My sister has a piece of fossilized dino-poop. I just know that i would have a stronger visceral reaction to someone putting something in my hand and being like "This is human bone" rather than saying "this is dino poop". lol

I'm all for creative expression and trying new things, I also feel that a dead body is just another dead body. People do weird freaky things with dead bodies all the time.

My ex is going to get his grandmothers ashes put into tattoo ink, and get a tattoo with that ink. What he's doing is a lot weirder to me than wearing an old piece of bone.
vonmeer's avatar
Heh, but is it carved dino poop? The human bone is more an experiment, than something I'll stick with. (Elk antler is my favorite)

I prefer natural materials but I doubt I'll actually wear human bone. I made the box to keep it in, like a prop..but I understand when I start selling on Etsy I'll have people wearing human bone.

That's cool, as a libertarian I say too each their own on pretty much everything. Especially artists as we tend to be eccentric.

The tattoo is.... yeah that's weird. It's really edgy, though a bit cannibalistic as he's taking part of her corpse and adding it to himself. I can kinda get it, but it seems just too taboo.

I can't even touch he container of my dogs ashes, yeah I agree that's a lot weirder than wearing bone.
TheWingedBoggart's avatar
I just think, with the tattoo thing, It's like... his grandma is inside him. When he sleeps with his girlfriend, it's like his girlfirend is also doing his grandma. It's nearly necrophillic.
I might be reading too much into it.

Incidently, "Nearly Necrophillic" would be a good band name.
vonmeer's avatar
No I think your right, my wife just agreed with you reading this post.

That said as an Artist I support him, it's just not my scene...I think it's good pushing limits but for me it's just ....ewww.

I also agree it is a good brand name and would give one instant fame...but perhaps not the right type. :)
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this is fantastic :D
vonmeer's avatar
Thank you Frater, I put it in the box was because I was looking at your gallery, and got inspired...I normally just use a red cloth background.

So thank you bro!
FraterOrion's avatar
yeah!!! i'm really honored to be inspiration!!
Mistgod's avatar
Wow! A whole background to go with the art to give it a sense of depth and authenticity. Neat!
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