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Elder Thing pottery fragment



"Six feet end to end, three and five-tenths feet central diameter, tapering to one foot at each end. Like a barrel with five bulging ridges in place of staves. Lateral breakages, as of thinnish stalks, are at equator in middle of these ridges. In furrows between ridges are curious growths – combs or wings that fold up and spread out like fans. . . which gives almost seven-foot wing spread. Arrangement reminds one of certain monsters of primal myth, especially fabled Elder Things in [the] Necronomicon." - H. P. Lovecraft

This pottery shard was recovered in a locked box under the floor of an abandoned building in at the Whalers Bay station in Antarctica. It was found in 1944 when the British Admirality and the Colonial Office built a permanent base there. It was later sent to Miskatonic University but ended up disappearing, until reappearing a few times in the hands of private collectors.

"It's an oddly made pottery with a smell and feel somewhat akin to vulcanized rubber. It has a weight a quarter of ceramic but a strength far exceeding it.." - Dr. Bartholomew Lesly Perry, 1944

{Made of Super Sculpey, to appear as if it was a broken part of a larger pottery piece. On the front it shows an Elder Thing in-between the stars above, and the city of the mountains of madness bellow.

Being part of a larger object I imagined a larger picture with this being a tiny part of it. I made the edges look as though it was part of a shattered artifact. The back uses a script based off of one from the Chaosiums Keepers Companion and part of the writing is directly taken from the book.}

Part of my private collection. I'll figure out some way to display it.
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