Deep One Hybrid Skull Evolution II (with outlines)
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Deep One Hybrid Skull Evolution by Vonmeer

This is a open reference for writers and artists looking for a consistent base to portray a more uniform mythos intended to be used by anyone working with my company Arkham Antiquities.

I personally find extreme cases of the "Innsmouth look" more fantasy and less horrific. The horror is in the subtle uncanny valley effect, and they could not keep this secret if they all had fish heads.

Plus at least 75%-80% are "normal humans" in Innsmouth with little deep one traits or none at all, that's why the deep-ones have a covenant with them. To breed, but they all eventually leave...the humans keep breeding with humans after all, they only must bear one hybrid and that's not anything romantic..

So my reference is for a hybrid, with heavy atavistic traits moving towards full deep-one. Some hybrids may stop in a intermediary stage and get an extreme case of the Innsmouth Look.

It's just a photo manip and redraw of a Human Skull and that of a Wolf-Eel, based on images from Skulls Unlimited. I plan on buying a skull of each for a basis to build a deep one skull someday...

Additionally I completed what a deep-one based off this skull would look like. I also added silhouettes showing the slower transformations.

Again, it's a reference for anyone to use as a baseline if desired, mostly specific to the company I'm starting.
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Have you thought of doing one for humans that turn into ghouls?
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TheCryingOrc|Professional Traditional Artist
Wow this is awsome!
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AemnAnsMaequia|Professional Digital Artist
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AnneHijme|Student General Artist
I like this portrayal though, I thought that they would transform between ages of 20-60 and it would be gradual as in a few years-10 or less (but admittedly I've only played games and heard about them-never actually read the stories). So one wouldn't know till it well happened.

This way would be a much more interesting though more obvious that it will be. So, great job, the skulls are awesome
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meroth|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great stuff! I depicted the transformation as well a while ago, but skullwise yours is more detailed.
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Mistgod|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome. :D
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Well done.
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keren-or|Hobbyist General Artist
This is great.
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Bracey100|Professional Digital Artist
Now there is an original idea for a manip, excellent idea!
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This is excellent!
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