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Dagon and Friends (Ivory and other exotics) by vonmeer Dagon and Friends (Ivory and other exotics) by vonmeer
"The Esoteric Order of Dagon is a fictional cult in Innsmouth from Howard Phillips Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Captain Obed Marsh founded the cult using the practices learned from the inhabitants of a Polynesian island. The people of Innsmouth carried out ritual sacrifices on Devil's Reef to appease the Deep Ones. In 1846 during one of these sacrifices Captain Marsh and several members of the Order of Dagon were arrested, though no formal charges were made. It was disbanded when the U.S. government launched an attack on the town in 1928. " The H.P. Lovecraft Wiki

I like nautical themes, and Innsmouth in particular interests me. I wanted an old aged slice of carved narwhal horn with the symbol of Dagon on it, hanging on a hemp cord from some walrus tusk, on a necklace of coral. Everything being of the sea, or part of the theme of sailing.

It's got real coral, real fossil walrus ivory...but the narwhal horn is fake. I figure deep ones use what's available in the sea.

I carved it from elk antler, with edges mimicking real examples of narwhal ivory. I drilled out the center and aged it to look like fossil ivory, then I used the dreaded Sculpty to make the surface symbol and then lots of paint and shellac to finish it.

It feels authentic, as ivory and antler are very similar and the polymer part takes on the temperature of the antler. It has a heft, and satisfying clinky-ness to it.

I'll eventually make it part of an exhibit in the Manor with other relics of Innsmouth.
Kamuppets Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
This is really well done. The sculpey blends really well into the antler, and the aging is great.
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