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Cthulhu Cult Astrolabe (Back)

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"What we first thought to be an old astrolabe, has turned out to not be an astrolabe at all...or at least not as we know of one today. According to a colleague of mine at Miskatonic, it only shows one location...just one on our planet. Tracking a single location, over a vast amount of time based off of the theories of continental drift.

If this is true, it would appear to have been made so far back in time to predate humanity and we know that is impossible. It's a gold alloy, and a roughly cast piece that's been further hammered and chiseled into shape. Some sort of alloy like Tumbaga I would guess.

Currently it points to a location located at 47°9′S 126°43′W in the southern Pacific Ocean. If rotated to later settings, it can be extrapolated that this location is moving to the coordinates of 49°51′S 128°34′W in the near future.

It would also indicate something, may have occurred during the spring of 1925, perhaps from March 22nd to April 2nd. What might it have been is unknown but other future dates are marked and we can find out in the years to come. We know not what today, but an expedition is being planned to explore those coordinates. Science will know the truth, time is on our side as nothing today remains outside mans reach!" - Dr. William Silk

{Made of 3 parts using Super Sculpey, and a brass rivet. Each part rotates independently of each other and tracks the underling design. The face has a profile of an octopus, symbolic mountains representing Antarctica and other symbols. It has a Tympan for where the described Rete rotates over it, and a rule that rotates over the rete.

The back shows R'lyeh with Cthulhu upon it coming out of the water when the stars are right.

It is made to track the location of R'lyeh as eons pass and continents drift as well as telling when R'lyeh will rise by some ancient yet unknown culture. It's an original item. One of two pictures.
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