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Arkham Mansion (Redux, no longer 20,000+sf lol)

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Well it's bought...as the original design was estimated at over 2 million, my wife and I accepted buying a much more humble home we can actually afford right now. It's very similar and shares most of the features of the original design but outshines it with it's amazing location and view.

It's 5 minutes from the hospital, and downtown Bozeman in the southeast hills. As an artist, who aint getting younger this is as perfect a location as I could find in Bozeman. Plus I honestly believe I have the greatest view in the whole city...as with the hills and dominating mountain view I forget how close it is to the cities heart.

You see I drew the map to the home like a rpg map...well it's because it's how I see it. I comes off like some villains lair in Call of Cthulhu with a billiard room, bar, library, etc. Add the fact that it has secret doors and hidden rooms it's obvious why I mapped it out of scale and without showing where the secret doors are. I seriously don't want folks figuring out where they are located.

....Arkham Antiquities....
The basement is going to be the corporate headquarters of my game company, the whole area in yellow is for my buddies Jerry and Mark and I to run the company. They will have 24hr access to the Studio/Library/Bar/Billiards/Game-room through the basement double doors. (I'll give them the key code to the electronic lock to access when they need)

I'm hoping I can give them work in my Non-RPG company but I'll have to see what they can do, I have work to offer but they will need to understand I can't guarantee them work in my warehouse, retail store or mailroom as that's my families livelihood.

I can offer them a partnership in a RPG startup, that's my fulfilling of the promise we made as kids. That's the major offer...as I realize my day-job may not be suitable for them. It's about all three of us being our own bosses, making our own rules and blazing our own path instead of following the one chosen for us.  I'd rather my brothers take the profits of this venture than myself, as I'm already well off.

It will cost them NOTHING, we have a dedicated space to have as a corporate office, print up products, mail out product ect.  I'm already skilled in running a company, and dealing with the paperwork involved. All they will need to do is find an apartment, until I remodel my old home next summer and can offer them rooms to rent there if desired. I can even house them in the interim for a month or two until they get a place.

I write this because I'm still in a state of chaos getting the house ready, and not taking phone calls unrelated to business. We have NO furniture in the house and expect to pay between 40-60k furnishing it. It does not even have beds yet...

.........This is why I quit the SCA, (It's for the manorial lifestyle!)
This feels so surreal but this is where I belong. The SCA wasted so much of my time without giving me anything back, dealing with crazy, overemotional people, rude classless behavior and dealing with arrogant twats talking down to you who in "mundane" AKA REAL LIFE are more peers to my cleaning lady than they will ever be to myself. No offense to the cool folks in the hobby, but the losers who invest their whole personality into a LARP (as it's not living history) at the expense of their real lives are idiots.

I should know, I was an idiot for years (which is worse for me as I'm a genius.) Our bring home salary doubled after leaving the hobby as the hobby held us back. It held us so back, wasting weekends was trivial to the petty nonsense that people would force you to address. The mindless squabbles, haughty yet unqualified opinions and mix of insane, unaccomplished, and insecure people bringing me into their personal lives was simply intolerable. Nothing is as trite as the plethora of bored menopausal biddies trying to relive high school in the SCA.  It's amazing how a handful of scadians who I disliked, ultimately did me the greatest favor, by showing their colors and opening my eyes.

 I was about to drop almost 100k into my local shire building a medieval village like a crazy person. Why did it take so long for me to realize what normal people already knew. I'm not the kind of guy being happy gaining imaginary status as I have the ability to earn it in real life.

.........What is status? (Beyond living in palatial comfort)
1.   Fidelity. I have few peers in life, as I have never been divorced. I have been with my wife since 1989. Few can claim that, most can't keep a spouse, find a spouse or know true love. My father had three wives, he will never be my peer...my brothers are unmarried they too are not peers. Being able to find the right person is the ultimate proof of ones intelligence in life.

2.   Sovereignty. I have never worked for another man in Montana, and would never humble myself by working for another. I will always be the boss or my own man. (Or I'll steal your job, lol.)

3.  Independence. I have never taken any money from the government/taxpayer, No welfare, government jobs (Workfare) no charity. Ever. No one receiving a government check be it food stamps, disability, or a congressman's paycheck will ever be my equal..as my taxes support you making me your daddy. I don't want to be anyone's daddy.

4.  Wealth. My wife and I are self-made millionaires. We did it on our own and never inherited a dime, got help from the system or training. 

5.  Success. Everything we do succeeds when we have total control, thus we only do things in our control. It's a joy being with a wife who always works, bends and accommodates my plans and schemes into our life. When I wanted to consolidate the warehouses, build a home...then change in mid stride and buy a home...my wife never blinked. She just adjusted. The same as when I decided to buy 10 acres to build a medieval village. My wife is my peer, and the reason why no man in Bozeman is of equal status to me.

Thank you Ally, I love you.  Even back when we lived in a trailer you always made me feel like a king, you gave me hope to never abandon my dreams and to pursue all my goals in life. You gave me the ability to fulfill a childhood promise to my friends. How many men can say that? 
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Photos of the home coming soon. I want a sunny day to capture the mountains just right. It's so sweet..