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My Bio
Greetings, Mortals to my humble page.

Who am I
I'm a successful conservative Libertarian, egoist millionaire, and aloof recluse living in the City of Bozeman in the south-east hills 5 minutes from Downtown. My wife and I went from $10K in pocket to where we are now in 10yrs, God bless the American Dream!

I'm a pious Catholic artist (and horror artist) of German/Irish decent and I've been with my amazing wife since 89. I'm a diabetic, and my mood moves with my blood sugar. We don't attend church, but maintain a home chapel.

We have no children, as we both are too selfish and codependent with each-other that we realized a child would just be a distraction to us. We dealt with children as children, why deal with them now?

We are madly in love and best friends and just prefer the company of each-other.

My wife and I own our own company and own a few of pieces of property in Bozeman where we live. Our store can be found on Main Street and we live a humble yet opulent life in our dream house, Arkham Mansion.

I'm an artist and a gamer and look to soon publish some RPG supplements (Mostly based on Lovecraft under my side company Arkham Antiquities). Currently we are concentrating on getting our Hyborian Collection, of functional prop weapons, and gear from our home foundry and smithy up.

I make a very good living running an unconnected corporation so making a profit in the publishing/propmaking industry is unimportant, it's more of a labor of love than anything else. I expect to make money....but profits are just gravy to my primary income.

What is Arkham Antiquities
It will be a publisher of Lovecraftian RPG weapons, props, adventures and supplements for ANY game based on H.P. Lovecrafts writing and works in common as well as those of R.E. Howard.

A prop house and art house of Cthuliana and esoteric art.

Much much more...

I'm developed my own style I'll get a drawing to where I basically want, make copies and experiment adding on so as not to destroy my progress, scanning and re-scanning as I add layers. It adds depth and eases my nerves.

I see art as a way of life, I sculpt and carve stone,plaster,clay,wood and whatever can be worked. I draw and paint. Most of my painting is using medieval methods with egg tempera paints that I make.

I carve soapstone molds to cast pewter jewelry, buckles, pilgrims badges and other medieval and RPG themed items. I work bone from dinosaur to human, and ivory from narwhal to mammoth.

I'm a carpenter and woodworker, I make furniture and can pretty much build anything given the time. That said I'd rather hire others as it gives me more time to spend with the wife.

I own a large collection of Firearms, from Broomhandled Mauser to Tommygun to AK47 to AR15s and an AR10. I collect militaria, antique books and anything related to Call of Cthulhu or R.E. Howard.

I hate noise, and thus the suburbs as many in the suburbs show little class in controlling barking dogs, or worse their yelling idiotic children. (Parasites who only raise property taxes by spawning more, lol) .

I hate the suburbs, the culture or lack of it as it debases the soul and brings a crudeness to my life. This is why I moved from the Suburbs to the Hills in true roman use of the word.

Other men can be stacked as cord wood in the city or suburbs drowning in the mire of clamor, a septic tank containing the din of the masses...but I'm an Artist and need spacious and broad vistas. When I need the toile...city it's just 5 minutes away. With zero backups.

Favorite Designer</b.
Sven Raphael Schneider

Favourite Visual Artist
Albrecht Dürer/Leonardo da Vinci, Frank Frazetta
Favourite Movies
Spartacus, Bladerunner, Alien
Favourite TV Shows
I dislike television.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Pink Floyd/Iron Maiden/Yes/Led Zeppelin/Retro 20s-40s/80's Metal, Classic Rock
Favourite Books
The Bible, Call of Cthulhu stories (varied)
Favourite Writers
HP. Lovecraft, R.E. Howard, CAS, St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Favourite Games
GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, AD&D, Original D&D
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4 but I prefer pen & paper
Tools of the Trade
A machete and a roll of duct tape....
Other Interests
Firearms, Role-playing, Painting, Sculpture, Pewtercasting, Carpentry, costuming, armoring...
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Unholy Taxidermy Well i'm working on a few Prop projects, one is a Shoggoth specimen, living and moving. While the others are "wet" specimens using resin instead of liquids. The Shoggoth I'm hoping to have a large black mass wiggle and move, stretching up tendrils to "it's food" held outside the glass jar while eyes extend and withdraw within the mass. Just as Lovecraft described with an iridescent black color if possible and slightly glowing eyes. All of this will work without electricity using magnetism, chemistry, sculpting and some springwork to function. The Wet Specimens This will be a critters in a jar using clear resin. Not much more to add. Ghoul Teeth These need some presentation and backstory. Mounted Killer Emu From an unknownd island off the mysterious Australian seas comes this man eating bird, or at least it's mounted head. For in 1903 the team fled the island due to the fierce pygmy headhunters or Kuo-kuo (cho-cho) as they called themselves. It needs more
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Don't neglect your health. I've learned a lot about men's health recovering the last year from a infection, surgery and malnutrition. I'm at 195lbs, and want to get back to 180lbs...but my hairs darker and thicker now that my nutrition's fixed. My testosterone levels are 740, in the top 10% so I'm feeling on top of the world and will be back into the 800-900's once my chest fully heals. Again this is why men need to be married, I'd be dead if not for my wife..she got me back to where I am now. I could not have recovered on my own. After a year going to a wound clinic you learn Testosterone is the most important element in men's health. High testosterone improves mood, energy levels, brain function,performance, muscle mass, and is the most critical thing you can do to prevent aging. I got as low as 490 when I was sick and it was still higher than most men, especially at my age. Still I stopped doing any art then, so it must have affected something. Don't forget stuff.. Next is
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The last trilogy was utter garbage and Solo was bad as well...I was sad as I remember collecting all the Kenner toys as a kid. even the exclusives as my parents would spend $300 on me each year (about $1,295 bucks today) and about half that on birthdays...So I had every figure, and vehicle made. In the early 80's I read the comics and watched the prequel trilogy in theaters and the Original Star Wars on opening day and watched it twice and came back the next week. As a child I actually believed in the force... Again the recent movies had been horrible but you can just ignore them as they add nothing to the saga. So imagine how happy we were to find out Verizon gives us 6 months free of Disney+.. We watched Rogue one and it was actually pretty decent, so we watched the Mandalorian seasons 1 & 2 and they were good. I thought Star Wars might be on track....it's not. They bullied and fired Gina, Cara on the show and got rid of the only strong woman working for the company. It cheapens
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Is the REH Conan group still active?

Semi, it's sorta on hiatus until more mods can help. Still recovering from surgery.

Thanks for the info .Hope you recover well. I'll be patient with submissions now that I understand

Thanks for the fave vonmeer!  It has been a long time!  How are you doing?
Do you still review the REH Conan entires as they have been waiting approval for a while.  TY
Sorry just got to it.
Sweet TY, was hoping it was not dead as I love REH.  Good Work.