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These are the things I like.


I think this is absolutely genius. It looks like a minimum of a 5x5 inch base of pine. I've never seen a portable alter to Dagon, the o...


I bought the C64 Mini for under $50 a plug and play Commodore 64 with joystick. It will be here Sunday, and it will be attached to a powered 7 usb port connector that will connect a keyboard and extra controller, perhaps a mouse if they are enabled in some games and a 32 gig usb thumbdrive. It will allow me to update the firmware and get the old school "Dungeons & Dragons" style games jike Telengard, Gateway and the Apshai Trilogy as well as games like Ultima.

I really want the "gold box" AD&D games as well as the mega dungeon in Rogue I believe its called.  I wonder if I can find old 1980s game aids for AD&D...
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Bespoke clothing is made to the customer, custom made to your body. It's like tailored clothing, but instead of pre-made clothing being fitted to ones body it entails the creation of a garment made from scratch. A custom hand made garment.

I have very little bespoke items, I have tailored clothing but bespoke....not really. I've had shoes made to order, The strap "oxfords" (monkstraps) from the Dehner boot company are "custom made" but are not bespoke, they are instead "made to order". I was able to have them make the shoe taller on the upper as I have a hard time fitting into loafers, monk-straps and oxfords.

It's custom but not bespoke as bespoke needs numerous fittings and is specific to ones body.

Review                     Dehner boot company Strap Oxfords        41/2 Stars
Leather type: Calf Skin         Color #23 Cordovan (Really looks like Shell Cordovan)        Price $520.00
Available with two eyelet tie or a strap. I own the monk straps. $445-520

The Leather. Imported from "the finest tanneries Europe" made of imported calfskin. Supple flawless leather. A beautiful hand-rubbed finish shined to a high luster makes the calfskin leather look more like cordovan even after years of wear. Created from hide free of imperfections that while is European the shoe is MADE IN THE USA, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Like Allen Edmonds or Aldens these are high quality American made goodyear welted shoes (edit: 260 degree not 360). Sole wear is expected but more durable soles can be ordered or added later. Shoes are recraftable, comfortable and stylish but the buckles do wear the strap a bit and should be more polished and larger to reduce wear. Again this can be remedied at home with some very fine sandpaper and 00 steel wool after taping over the leather... it should be done already as it's a half grand shoe, but it's a minor complaint but in 10 years may need replacing. Generally a new leather under-strap to keep the upper intact.  One of the reasons I dislike leather straps to laces in general, but I like these shoes as my sole pair of Monk Straps as those $145 Anthony Veers may have been cheap but just don't fit my big feet. I'm size 11+ W in bluchers and derbys, size 12 in Oxfords. I can wear 11D in some shoes but they will need to be stretched and I'd say the Dehner are very true to sixe and equal or greater in materials than the shoes made by Allen Edmonds or Alden even though they both use superior Horween leather.

The key with the Dehners are cuts of choice, the shoemakers or cordwainers of Dehner take more time in choosing the grains of leathers placement, as they are not as rushed or under the same demands as at Allen Edmonds or Alden so even though they are using technically inferior European materials the time in choosing makes up for it.

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I've a problem getting gifts for my wife, she likes vintage and eclectic items but how does one shop for that? So I went a mix of designer and vintage, or vintage inspired designer pieces.

I got her some eyeglass frames, one from Ray-Ban (so she can get prescription sunglasses) a set of Salvatore Ferragamo wire frames with gold and gens and I got her a vintage pair of horn rims from the 60s with gold filling for when we go out dancing.

Breaking your comfort zones.
Thats my main gift I'm gonna start taking her ballroom dancing, I bought her some high heeled wingtips from Naturalizer and some other brands, a cashmere scarf from Scotland, A Versace clutch bag and some jewelry that she most likely won't wear. Ordered dance soles and heels to convert a set of my Allen Edmonds into luxury dance shoes. I'll use a well worn set thats sole is almost worn down as it will last forever resoled as a dance shoe.

A dancing fool
I bought 4 hardbound books on dancing, as I'll need manuals. I'll do a ton more shopping until the day but the best gifts are free so I'm learning how to dance for her. It gave me an excuse to buy a new sportcoat from Allen Edmonds as I need more comfortable coats for going out dancing as I'm going to feel awkward so I at least want to look sharp.

Off topic
I got a call from my father, he's sending me his old ring from being a kid. and his old Lone Ranger watch he had over 70yrs. Moving and scary as my dad is 85. It's weird his grandfather fought in the Civil War not many can say that today. My great grandfather served under General Grant and became President Grants tailor. My dad's seen life, that my generation will never see, and I thank him for having me watch the moon landings in the early 70s as these are moments rarely seen in generations. He a good dad, I really hope he comes out here this summer.
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When you collect fine shoes you want to maintain your investment, so I advise you to get all leather, calf-skin, 360 degree Goodyear welted (or blake stitched) shoes that are handmade and of classic design. Boat shoes like sneakers with rubber soles are only useful on boats or lawns so lets ignore these hobby footwear for now.

Oxfords, Bluchers, Derby in order of formality, black is more formal for weddings, funerals and business and often evening-wear where brown is your more fashionable, casual wear suited for most day wear and relaxed evening wear with tweeds or the like.

Recrafting the Standards
The most respected American Bands offer resoling, re-heeling and re-crafting services that can restore a shoe to almost as new condition. Aldens and Allen Edmonds are generally about $400-500 but can be bought for half that on sale. Keep in mind these are sorta "forever shoes" as they can be recrafted and restored indefinitely.

Recrafting the oddballs
Anthony Veers can be found for $150 and can be re-crafted by many online cobbler services, I doubt they will be so low priced once people catch on to them. If they were made in the US they would be $350-450 and be more blocky and less stylish so I like that they come from India as most of the Lasts used by Allen Edmonds and Alden are so classically vintage it's interesting seeing a shoe with a more European look. Churches and English shoes I have little experience with but like their style.

Online cobblers charge $30-50 to reheel, $50-80 to resole (change soles) and $80-150 to fully recraft a shoe. Home cobblers pay only for materials but it's nice to have a pro resole shoes when needed and change out the welts and cork.

Buying used shoes
Yes you can find used $500 shoes on Ebay for $50-150 and get them resoled or recrafted for $50-125 and get effectively "new shoes" for a total of $100-275 but that's not a great deal when you can buy New Factory Seconds for the same price, or a little more.

Now if you are crafty you can find shoes for about $30-40 with shipping on Ebay in almost new condition if you are patient and low ball auctions. Many will have some stitching exposed and raw on the 30-40% of the fore of the sole. This can happen in under a year of wear and many inexperienced shoe wearers destroy their soles early wearing them in the wrong environments.

$500 shoes for under $50
This is good for you as a resole is a cheap repair, but you can go cheaper. The shoes Goodyear welted so the soles fine, it's lock stitched so even when frayed and broken the sting will keep that sole on for years if you cover it. Rubber sole protectors can be bought for $2 n ebay or $8 on Amazon with some Barge or Shoe Goo, or any contact cement to cover and protect the sole and remaining stitching. I do this to my New Shoes as it protects the sole from the start. For under $10 toe and heel taps/caps can be added to correct any heel wear or prevent future wear and look very retro and cool. Get the plastic as the metal will damage floors.  Renovate using Saphir Renomat 100ml and Saphir Renovateur - Luxury Leather Care Balm.
Before renovating. Remove shoelaces and brush off sole. Spray shoe with Lysol, Pack with paper towel (like shoe tree) to remove most wrinkles by lightly heating the leather with a hair dryer. Brush the shoe of with a horsehair brush, remove any debris with and old toothbrush in the weld.

Pour some rubbing alcohol into the shoe mildly saturating the paper towel shoe tree rotating shoe allowing the paper to fully get wet. Let these sit for a half hour then renovate with Saphir products as their instructions. Apply wax, dies and pastes as needed, but polish the shoe in the end. You should be using a cedar shoe tree while polishing

Repaint the soles edging, you can use dye or even wax in a pinch. You may want to paint the sole with non marking paint for soles at this time. Then around the weld I use Huberd's Shoe Grease and often over the whole shoe if it's black, dark or has an oil finish as it leaves and excellent shine, hydrates and waterproofs the leather and seams. $500 shoes for under 50 are easy after learning how to do it. The best way is buying new shoes and maintaining them, but here I tell you how to do it cheaper if your a younger guy in your 20s or 30s that can't afford good interview shoes.

Fully restored Allen Edmonds, with shoe box, shoe horn, cedar shoe trees and shoe bags with extra new laces can be found for $100-130 off Etsy but then again for $125 you get that all new with Anthony Veers...though the shoe trees will be plastic.

  • Tricks
  •     Shoes can be stretched with sprays and liquids but I prefer steam, heat and using forms. I use a mix of shoe trees, both plastic, metal and cedar to stretch and form shoes to my needs and to remove wrinkles giving them a "recrafted on the last" like new appearance. I'll use some steam, from the hose to heat and hydrate the leather (already oiled and well hydrated) to stretch out wrinkles, increase flexibility,  and bring a sagging shoe back into form.

    Quality Products.
  •     Saphir products, pricey but effective. If you're gonna restore shoes this is a good product, this is why shoes restored go for more than unrestored shoes. If your going to restore a few shoes or keep a single pair as new for years I heavily recommend their products and polishes. Huberds as well. Just use anything without silicons or chemicals as products like kiwi does and use saddle soap between polishes as needed.

    Re-dying in custom colors
  •     If you know how you can saddle soap, strip with Saphir, then acetone and or alcohol, redye, recondition, wax and polish to a new color, turn Oxfords to derby wingtips to custom spectators or match them to a suit. You can match watchbands to belts and shoes...just never match your tie to your pocket square. :)

    Change your old Shoelaces
  •     Change out your shoelaces for a new look to your shoes. Change the colors to match your outfit, or to match your redyed shoes. Add sovereign grade laces from the Hanger Project for an improved look or go to Amazon and buy an 18 pack of various colors. Learn to tie bar laces and other shoe lacing patterns. 
  • I use an exclusive lacing pattern of the "Gentry" minimalist bar method of tying shoes that I've named the "Tuxedo" or "Tuxedo Knot" that I wear with suits or more formal leisure suits and casual evening wear. By using a unique or exclusive pattern of tied shoes sets you apart from (and often above) others in similar dress and status.
  • The Tuxedo Knot ties at the bottom of the laces as a bow but unties quicker and offers more room putting on and of the shoe. It's reserved by the family Patriarchs such as my father and myself, where the gentry is available to my little brother and and my wife for example though I could grant it on occasion.
    Cedar Shoe trees
  •         Yes you need these, for polishing, for keeping your heels in shape, your shoes in shape and form as environmental changes in humidity is bad for leather so the trees keep them in shape. Likewise they dry and deodorize shoes after wearing. Plastic shoe trees are usable short term, and great for cleaning and dying the shoe where your expensive shoe trees stay pristine.
    Any Pros of buying restored?
  •     Some restored shoes have extras that the manufacturer does not (Like extra shoe laces $5, cedar shoe trees $20 and shoe horns $5) that beyond the basic shoe bags and box should be considered when buying restored, so if you add another $15 for labor and materials even a pair of shoes costing $130 is really like getting them for $100 or $85 bucks.
  • Saphir products, restoration and polish is expensive As the initial investment in restoration materials will be about $40 if using Sapfir. Different waxes will increase costs so if your only looking for a pair or two then $85 is a damn good deal.
        Custom Restored Shoes.
  • Professionally dyed, in custom colored shoes unavailable by the manufacturer is a good reason to buy a restored shoe. Spectator versions and burnished, and other finishes can be found that will increase cost.
  • Frog skin, Eel, shark and fishskin, Snakeskin, Lizard, alligator and crocodile, Kangaroo, Ostrich leg, Zebra and other exotic skins can be added to uppers even in reserved American Shoes such as Alden and Allen Edmonds. This can add costs from $25-80 but can make a shoe truly your own.
  • Dancing Shoes, for those who do ballroom dancing, custom dancing shoes can be made from actual premium dress shows. Dance soles and heels can be added, Soles can be scored and sealed to add flexibility. Uppers can be dyed in less formal colors. I'm currently making a set of custom dance shoes, as one of my gifts to my wife this Christmas is ballroom dancing with my wife on occasion.
  • Most will also have added sole protection, as the manufacturers may not re-craft custom or modified shoes. They also should provide a list of cobblers and prices of resoling and re-crafting services at prices matching or being less than the manufacturers.
  • Custom Toe Caps, and leather embellishments. This is something I offer with my Miskatonic Shoe Co. on Etsy. I'm making some custom restored shoes in limited amounts in a retro 1920s style. It let's me reduce my wardrobe and I'm thinking of buying shoes of other sizes to restore, customize and sell. My town has lot's of high end thrift stores.
  •     Custom Shoes generally come with shoe bags, shoe tree's, extra laces and shoe horns as well. Many come with extras beyond these or can offer upgraded packages.

So buying new is the best imo if you can afford it, but getting restored, or even better custom restored shoes can be an equal or better value for most. Self cobbling is cheaper with the shoes, but the costs of materials, labor, tools and anvil might eat up any savings. You will need the restoratives and waxes, but with a few new shoes you will rarely use them, collect a dozen or two shoes and it will rack up but if you can afford $4800-9800 in shoes the costs of Sapfir is not a problem for you. 

I'm not there yet, but I'm a very good home cobbler who can maintain a shoe for pretty much forever. I've gathered up quite a collection over the last 25yrs, with most being bought within the last 8 years.  My advice is for those getting into fine shoes is get a set of quality, new black oxfords for formal and work. Get a pair of restored brown casual shoes, and try to buy a few more from ebay/local thift shops for under $20 or $35 with shipping and see if you can restore them. If you can't, just resell them on Etsy for what you bought them for. If you need, buy a shoe a size (or a half size) larger and use an added insole to size it down, and use shoe stretchers if it's too small.

The way you tie your shoes effect fit. Example: My family has wide, tall feet making tying oxfords or any other closed laced shoes uncomfortable with standard laces so we developed a a method to lace shoes, allowing the members of my family, friends and extended family a method of validation and recognition. My family developed the "Gentry" lacing that has no visible crosslacing and ties under the first bar.  Veterans, Married men over 30, fathers, or men over 50 may wear the bow lower to show patriarch status with the most formal being the Tux or Tuxedo bow being tied at the bottom of the laces. The Tux may be worn relaxed as the "Lord" being tied in the middle and while more casual than the Tux is still business and formal ready.

The most important thing is, to be comfortable in your own shoes you might have to walk a mile in anothers, take the road less tread upon for it's not the destination but the journey that matters, so take it one foot at a time and blah blah blah...

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I collect menswear, vintage and designer tending to stick with older designer brands. I've been buying Allen Edmonds shoes for almost 25yrs, brooks brothers shirts, montblanc pens, and lots of 1920s deadstock.. Things that need  a little care and ritual of maintenance to upkeep but worth it for the quality.

I actually do my own clothing maintenance, my wife does the laundry but I do my own ironing, garment steaming, racking and whatnot along with caring for my shoes, belts and haberdashery and can offer my advice.

Be your own cobbler.
    Only buy 380 degree goodyear welted shoes, blake stitching and other welts might not be repairable/recraftable/resoleable at your local cobbler. Ignore me and you will NEED to be your own cobbler but even if you heed my warning it's still a good set of skills to learn.

    Basic Tools (My Kit)

    Shoeshine box (Cherry stained cedar with footrest)
                Saphir 'Pate de Luxe' Wax 50ml. Tin Black
                Saphir 'Pate de Luxe' Wax 50ml. Tin Neutral
                Saphir 'Pate de Luxe' Wax 50ml. Tin Brown

                Saphir Renomat 100ml
                Saphir Renovateur - Luxury Leather Care Balm -1.7 Fl/oz
                Huberd's Shoe Grease

                5 Horsehair brushes (Black brush, Brown brush , Black Applicator, Brown Applicator, double sided neutral applicator and dry brush. Three polishing Chamois, sheepskin and swiss army knife. I also keep a tube of Barge All Purpose Cement (blue).While not traditional I keep a microfiber towel as well for polishing. All jammed inside with enough room for some more wax tins. Nitrile gloves.

        Cobblers Drawer (Cherry stained, hardwood davenport)
                DAP 107 Contact Cement

                Dap 00271 Weldwood Original Contact Cement, 1-Pint
                Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye and Preparer 25Ml. Walnut #122133 (Looking to get some green and blue)
                Stubby claw hammer (Harbor freight) as a a cobblers hammer                 
                24 Pairs Heel Plates Shoe Heel Tips Taps Sole Heel Repair Pad Heels Replacements with Nails, 3 Sizes                
                Replacement Rubber Heels and Soles (3 sets 4 of heels)
                2 plastic and metal shoe trees for cleaning
                Assorted opened and unopened shoelaces in different colors, to change up the look of a shoe.
                Assorted parts and materials to upkeep my wife's fine shoes.

        Antique Cast Iron cobblers Stand and Anvil (For hammering on soles and heels, taps and plates and glued sole covers)

       Gentleman's Mrrored Valet (Cherry stained Italian hardwood standing valet)
                This is where I keep my Shoe horns as my shoes come after pants and this is where I hang each next days pants, suit, etc.

                Hair Dryer and Garment steamer. For removing wrinkles in leather and reshaping leather.
       The Kitchen
                Paper towels
                Distilled Water (My sink can produce distilled water)
                Coconut oil (Great for treating my frye boots in a pinch.)
                My own mix of leather restorer (pine, mink and coconut oil base) mixed with some other stuff for a saddle soap.

Any tools and supplies you want can be used, just have a place for shining/restoring, a drawer or box for repairing, glue,etc and an are to work on and some newspaper to put down. Bingo bango...It's Cobblin Time!

    No anvil? A hammer locked in a vice I've used when I was poor. Also hand weights, auto body shaping anvils and even wood can be used if no anvil is available.
    Glue. Store glue upside down to make sure if any cures in bottle it's still usable. 2. Put Vaseline on cap to keep it from getting glued shut. 3. Only use flexible glue called contact cement, it's a type of rubber cement.

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vonmeer's Profile Picture
Call me the Prior
Artist | Varied
United States
Greetings, Mortals to my humble page.

Who am I
I'm a successful conservative Libertarian, egoist millionaire, and aloof recluse living in the City of Bozeman in the south-east hills 5 minutes from Downtown. My wife and I went from $10K in pocket to where we are now in 10yrs, God bless the American Dream!

I'm a pious Catholic artist (and horror artist) of German/Irish decent and I've been with my amazing wife since 89. I'm a diabetic, and my mood moves with my blood sugar. We don't attend church, but maintain a home chapel.

We have no children, as we both are too selfish and codependent with each-other that we realized a child would just be a distraction to us. We dealt with children as children, why deal with them now?

We are madly in love and best friends and just prefer the company of each-other.

My wife and I own our own company and own a few of pieces of property in Bozeman where we live. Our store can be found on Main Street and we live a humble yet opulent life in our dream house, Arkham Mansion.

I'm an artist and a gamer and look to soon publish some RPG supplements (Mostly based on Lovecraft under my side company Arkham Antiquities). Currently we are concentrating on getting our Hyborian Collection, of functional prop weapons, and gear from our home foundry and smithy up.

I make a very good living running an unconnected corporation so making a profit in the publishing/propmaking industry is unimportant, it's more of a labor of love than anything else. I expect to make money....but profits are just gravy to my primary income.

What is Arkham Antiquities
It will be a publisher of Lovecraftian RPG weapons, props, adventures and supplements for ANY game based on H.P. Lovecrafts writing and works in common as well as those of R.E. Howard.

A prop house and art house of Cthuliana and esoteric art.

Much much more...

I'm developed my own style I'll get a drawing to where I basically want, make copies and experiment adding on so as not to destroy my progress, scanning and re-scanning as I add layers. It adds depth and eases my nerves.

I see art as a way of life, I sculpt and carve stone,plaster,clay,wood and whatever can be worked. I draw and paint. Most of my painting is using medieval methods with egg tempera paints that I make.

I carve soapstone molds to cast pewter jewelry, buckles, pilgrims badges and other medieval and RPG themed items. I work bone from dinosaur to human, and ivory from narwhal to mammoth.

I'm a carpenter and woodworker, I make furniture and can pretty much build anything given the time. That said I'd rather hire others as it gives me more time to spend with the wife.

I own a large collection of Firearms, from Broomhandled Mauser to Tommygun to AK47 to AR15s and an AR10. I collect militaria, antique books and anything related to Call of Cthulhu or R.E. Howard.

I hate noise, and thus the suburbs as many in the suburbs show little class in controlling barking dogs, or worse their yelling idiotic children. (Parasites who only raise property taxes by spawning more, lol) .

I hate the suburbs, the culture or lack of it as it debases the soul and brings a crudeness to my life. This is why I moved from the Suburbs to the Hills in true roman use of the word.

Other men can be stacked as cord wood in the city or suburbs drowning in the mire of clamor, a septic tank containing the din of the masses...but I'm an Artist and need spacious and broad vistas. When I need the it's just 5 minutes away. With zero backups.

Favorite Designer</b.
Sven Raphael Schneider…
I bought the C64 Mini for under $50 a plug and play Commodore 64 with joystick. It will be here Sunday, and it will be attached to a powered 7 usb port connector that will connect a keyboard and extra controller, perhaps a mouse if they are enabled in some games and a 32 gig usb thumbdrive. It will allow me to update the firmware and get the old school "Dungeons & Dragons" style games jike Telengard, Gateway and the Apshai Trilogy as well as games like Ultima.

I really want the "gold box" AD&D games as well as the mega dungeon in Rogue I believe its called.  I wonder if I can find old 1980s game aids for AD&D...
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