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Voodoo Medusa

Are you looking to seduce that special someone? -Or has that special someone ripped out your heart out, turning you into a Mindless Zombie bent on revenge. Well, dear friend: Seduction, Ripping Out Hearts, and Vengeful Zombies are the Voodoo Medusa’s specialty, -As well as cures or curses of impotence, incontinence, constipation, congestion, ingestion, gestation, dementia, demonic possession, ‘professional accidents’, embarrassing incidents, and torturous misfortunes. Find, protect or steal your fortune with the aid of the Voodoo Medusa’s Hoodoo. -Or have her destroy a rival’s fortune with a single lock of an enemy’s hair accompanied by your Dark Wish.

The Voodoo Medusa gains her power from the Generations of Undead that exist in the Bayou, the most powerful of which being the revenants of the Unfortunate Slaves of Madam Delphine LaLaurie. The Voodoo Medusa gains her arcane wisdom straight from the lips of Angels and Devils; she whispers that wisdom with her Serpent’s Tongue.

The Voodoo Medusa will work for Good or Evil, whoever pays better at any given time. Is it her fault that Evil usually has more money and thus pays better? To find the Voodoo Medusa you must first come to the her daughter’s shop in The Big Easy: ‘The Bayou Basement’. ‘The Basement’, as it is known by Louisiana Locals, is in a supernaturally hidden back alley in the Darkest Quarter of the French Quarter in Good Ole New Orleans. If you can find the shop, the daughter of the Gorgon will give you the directions to her mother’s secret cavern which is buried deep in the Bayou: but only for a precious price. If you survive to find the Voodoo Medusa, you must give her a goblet of your blood, a saucer of your flesh, and a vial of your soul: Do not fear: she will use all three wisely. Her spells are renown throughout the Bayou Underworld; her spells never fail the buyer, so long as the buyer makes it out of the Gorgon's Bayou Burial Ground alive.

The Voodoo Medusa also makes a Bad Ass ‘Cajun Gator Gumbo’, also known in the Bayou Underworld as ‘Dragon Gumbo’ because it will literally make you breathe fire. Just don’t ask what the ingredients are or you will become one!

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gtamythmaster43's avatar
Like the BG and the crazy ass story.
Good one!
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I like this. Love the background story you added to it as well. :nod: