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The Caput Mortuum Catapult

As the tide continued to turn for the worse in the 'Police Action' in Vietnam, both on the battlefield and the homefront: the American Military Brass devised a devious plan to kill two birds with one stone. You have heard of Human Sheilds: Well the powers that were came up with 'Human Ammo': they created modern catapults to shoot their homefront enemies at their foreign enemies. The thinking was that if the hippies didn't kill the Vietcong, perhaps they would pacify them or maybe pollute their culture. Even if the project didn't live up to expectations at the least The United States of America would get rid of a bunch of youth poisoning, rainbow commies. The project was known as Operation Caput Mortuum (or literally: Operation Dead Head): their forced agents (lured by the promise of an endless supply of Hippie Lettuce) were known as The Caput Mortuum Catapults. Only five human-heaving catapults were ever built and only one saw secret action. A rumored 666 hippies were launched at The Vietcong in early 1972, but it was too little, too late: no one knows nor cares if any of the Caput Mortuum Catapults survived or are still alive, but there has been rumors of a deranged American man in Ho Chi Minh City who literally throws himself into a fight without any weapons or skill to stop an injustice: his only superpower: the ability to take an ASS-whooping like none other.
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