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Octarine Submarine

Oct-Marine Submarine?

Octarine (info slightly edited via Wiki): The colour of magic in Terry Pratchett's Discworld, also often called the eighth colour. Octarine is strongly indicative of magic and can only be seen by wizards (who sometimes describe it as resembling a fluorescent greenish-yellow purple) and cats. As in conventional human colour vision, colour opponency prevents the perception of reddish-greenish or yellowish-bluish colours; it would therefore be impossible to perceive a colour as "greenish-yellow purple". If greenish-yellow and purple lights were shone together, a shade of grey would result; with pigments, the result would be brown. The normal human visual system works by the presence of cones and rods in the eye; the ability of wizards to see octarine is explained by the additional presence of octagons.

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