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Avery Shimeji | COMMISSION

By VonKellcsiis

And we're done! Yeehaw!! O(≧▽≦)O

To other people besides Avery's owner and whoever they allow, I'm sorry but this is a private commission uwu


You can check on my master's WIP shimejis! [HERE]

Or you can check more coolio shimejis [HERE] by Cachomon
You'll find more info about commissioning and updating shimejis in that link too~


Avery belongs to :icondragondevilish: DragonDevilish
Shimeji 1.0.11 - Luxury Custom Menu as well as a bunch of coding lines, bug fixing and whatnot 
I can't understand to bring dead frames to life 
thanks to the great KilkakonOfficial
Artwork belongs to VonKellcsiis [ME] with Cachomon's invaluable help and knowledge /bows to master/

You are not allowed to use this artwork for any purpose nor to trace it neither to copy it.
This shimeji is based on Cachomon's shimejis, made with her permission and approval

 SUPPORT my senpai CACHOMON please! 

Cachomon's PATREONBlackCachomon's NSFW Patreon 
Cachomon's DA ACCOUNT 
Get cool Cachomon's shimejis on your Android Device [by Xeropi!]


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