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Winter Captain

I don't even know what to write about it and whom to give credits for my sick imagination XD

Let's say Captain America and Winter Soldier belong to each other Marvel and GUH HOW THAT MASK CAN POSSIBLY BE THAT KINKY ><
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I have always found that mask to be sexy as hell. 
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Now I finally have something to look at while reading Steve Rogers-As-The-Winter Soldier fics.
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You do indeed :)
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oh. my. god Creepy stare 
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This is so good!!! You definitely captured the emotion in his eyes. Beautiful artwork!!! :) :clap:
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Thank you for your comment and sorry for late reply!
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under the right conditions, yeah it can be. it can even scare the c**** out of someone coming out of the dark. however on either one of them it makes them look so sad.
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but still they just look so good when suffering ><
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this is so lovely, you captured the sort of lost, broken look in his eyes so well! 
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Thanks a lot :heart:
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I didn't know I needed this in my life until I saw it. Your style is amazing, nice work with those highlights!
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I didn't know I needed this in my life either :facepalm: And now I can't get rid of the idea of them being role-swapped!
Thank you so much for your feedback :heart:
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His eyes say so much. It's unbeliavable. 
Also, i like the idea.
Also, this is painted beautifully.
Also, I love his eyes.
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Thank you so so much!
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Nice idea, nice concept and good work. Interesting, how the world would look like, if these two switched their places/history. :)
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I'm pretty sure there just HAVE TO BE a fanfic like this, but I haven't found it just yet =) Maybe because it's been only a month since I crashed on this fandom :P
Thanks for your lovely comment!
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I love this! It's such a beautiful painting and a really nice idea ^^ Crazy how much Bucky's mask suits Steve..
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I believe that mask suits anyone, and there's nothing that can possibly NOT suit Steve :lol: So it was an unavoidable win from the start :D
Thank you!
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Haha, true! :D
You're welcome :)
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