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Sleep warm

Для Би <3

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Beautifully done!
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That is easily, the cutest, fluffiest, most adorable creature I have ever seen in my entire life!

The guy is cute too! XD
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Awe Sammeh and his dog!
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this got famous over tumblr and SQUEEEE it's so cute!!
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I wish all your art was purchasable. It's all so lovely <3
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It can be depending on what you'd like to do with it. Send me a note, I'll get back to you =)
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D'awww~!! Sleepy babuuu >w> Absolutely stunning painting here. AND THE PUPPY. Yes. pretty An Emoticon From Years Gone By 
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Thanks a lot!
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This is amazing
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Damn, this is just so beautiful.
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Thank you <3
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This is beautiful!!! <3
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I cannot tell you how much I love this. It is sooooo beautiful and it makes me smile.
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THanks so much for your kind words about my art!
Another gorgeous piece. I don't know what else to say about it - what a lovely scene, and a great likeness of Jared.
Wow! He looks so safe and protected , this is so beautifully rendered!
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Thanks so much!
This is such a fabulous piece; I love the warmth and light. Thank you so much for sharing it.
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