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Look at me, trust me

Jared's dreams ))

PS CS2, tablet, about... I have no idea O_o maybe something like 12 hours
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Wow... simply amazing! I am in awe! 
Wow, I love all your work but this drawing is amazing.  I posted a link from my tumblr to here, hope that is ok.  Thanks for sharing :)
OMfreakingG! His eyes! His face! Oh, and his dream!
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Annnnd there I go, almost short-circuiting my laptop from drooling again... AGAIN...
Dammit, I love how you draw Jared/Sam. And Jensen/Dean in the background, strung up like that? Oh, unf.
While it's freaking me out. AMAZING... Just amazing
Eu não poderia imaginar Sam de uma forma mais cruel... Mas eu gosto!!! kkkk
Считаю ваши работы лучшими, из всего увиденного здесь! :)
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Ого) Спасибо!
Но вы наверное не очень много видели))))
К вашим работам питаю особую симпатию :)
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how...why.. what is this doing to me
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бедный Дженсен
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This is, is... Wow.

You even made me adore the hair length I hated. :)
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Hehe thanks =)
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Oh God :___D
I love this picture :___
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thank you and sorry for the super-late answer :blushes:
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the eyes! the eyes! my gosh!
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I love it. The look in his eyes is almost hypnotic. It's kinda attractive.

As always your work is amazing with tonnes of detail. like Deans hip bones

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Dean's hip bones isn't something you can ignore! ^___^
Thank you so much for the great feedback =))
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Is it horrible that I find this so damn appealing? -stares-
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then how do I call that if I drew it? XDD
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