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PS CS3, tablet, a lot of time

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Hey there, would it be okay if I used this image on my site promoting a modernised version of chivalry?
You can check out the current site here:

Full credit and copyright will be retained by you, and a "Image(s) courtesy of ______" message with a link to a site of your choice shall be placed at the bottom of the page.

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Is your site commercial?
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We don't offer any products, no. We are completely non-profit, and offer education in chivalry for those who would like it, support for those who need it, as well as lending our collective voice to spreading the word about various charities and good causes.
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Then yes, you can, with credits and link =)
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Hey, thanks! :) Much appreciated.
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He reminds me of Sam Winchester from Supernatural Love 
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I wonder why :DDDDDD
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:love: He can be my knight in shining any day.
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i agree with Pairing-SPN , prince Caspien
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He reminds me a little of prince caspien from narnia XD
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The texture, the shading, the armour, it all looks as though it could be a perfect photo! Oh my GOODNESS this is amazing!!
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\o/ Thank you! That's more precious because there was no straight reference, so I'm happy it looks realistic in the end =)
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Yeah! :D Really great job!
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Mmmm...tasty! You really had a lot of art to upload! Great stuff!
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it's all in my gallery ^^ I've just got an invitation to spam this nice group with my art so I took a chance XD
Thank you, I'm very glad you like it :hug:
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Ooooooh. This is so... wow. Yes. Speechless. Verrrry well done.
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Dude, Sam is gorgeous! I love it! This must have taken you many, many, MANY hours to complete, and it was so worth it! His hair, his face, the armor... Fantastic coloring and shading, and the highlight of the sword is the cherry on the cake.... er however that saying goes. Very lovely indeed.
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arrrrr thanks a lot for a lovely comment!
It really did take a lot of time
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And it looks so flippin' good! :iconilavplz: This really is an astounding piece.
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Wow, this is very awesome and unique! :heart: I love it :dummy:
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...I'll be the damsel in distress!!! :D
This is just beautifully drawn! I love the look in his eyes...
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