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Don't ask, it just happened =)

PS CS3, ref

Here is a process

...and ~SithGirl665 wrote a story based on this picture! It's very sad and awwwww poor Dean, but yay it's so cool she did it! :heart:
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Woooooow, beautifully made...! 
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Oh hey.

Dean died again.

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hmmm...hell hound?
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Yeah, maybe =) Didn't really think about it, all I was thinking was "blood! Gore! Dean! Yay!" :DD
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i understand... YAY!
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It's a'ight, he's always dying xD
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Supernatural - Paranoid Dean dean's pie is stolen Wah, don't look at meee rodericx cry  poor dean *cries even more*
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but it's pretty cool hun :P i like it!
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I'm glad you do =)
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accidently i guess ... lmao ... *dakota*
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This is so sad. What had him?
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This is incredible, well done! I'll save you Dean *gives kiss of life* ;) :L x
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hey-hey, he has Sammy to save him! XD
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Awe poor dean... But I love this artwork :) Fabulous.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm freaking out about how good this looks
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Arrrrrr thank you!
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NOO! poor dean! It look so reel!
You have talent!
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OMG! This is horrible, yet beautiful and sad at the same time! God, you have talent!
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