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Dark Honey crop

It's a crop (1/4 of original size) of a huge wincest art made by request. Whole picture can be found here, because DA is too coy for this kind of things (ahem, supposed to be a warning)

PS CS3, tablet, a lot of hours sitting on ass, references used.
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I would love to see the original. I tried the link but I couldn't view it.

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Sweet home Alabama
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Dude, there BROTHERS. But the art it fantastic.
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This is absolutely gorgeous! Seriously! Holy cow!
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I can't get the full pic! where else can I find it?
Finally! Good SPN art!
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believe me, i’m not much of a wincest person (nor am i an incest shipper, as i’m generally neutral on the topic of incestuous relationships)…but damn, the artwork is fantastic. what i love most is how you portrayed sam and dean’s facial expressions—there are a lot of emotions you can pick up in them, and i love artists who can add such economy to their work. well done! :)

(p.s. i personally love the crop more than the original picture, as it can leave a lot to the imagination, lol)

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Thank you, and I appreciate you enjoyed it even though you're not much of a shipper =)
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omg this is beautiful!
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finally a fellow Wincest shipper!
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Is there any way that I can see it fuul picture? Any link?
It's sooo amazing I wanna see more...;)
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This is so beautiful, but I can't see the whole work (which I would really like to see) because LJ says "access denied". What I see of it is stunningly well done. You're very talented.
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Yeah, I made it visible for friends only, because that LJ is the first thing that pops up in google search by my nickname and at some point I decided I don't want to be associated with hardcore slash right away XD
here is the original and thank you for your nice words about my art =)
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LOL I can certainly understand that :D Thanks for the link and the full picture is beautiful. You do lovely work. You're very welcome; they are much deserved.
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This is just incredible work. I have no words. Stunning.
my favorite picture
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This picture causes my heart to stutter. It's drawn so well and you can just feel the emotion between the two..I mean I'm not a HUGE Wincest fan..but this is gold
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Thanks for appreciating it!
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Your welcome!  Thanks for drawing it! :)
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