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Sauridae - Acrocanthosaurus and Ceratosaurus

Sauridae is just a fun project for myself where in it's universe we successfully make "prehistoric animals" but not through cloning like JP explores but rather through the power of genetic manipulation. It all starts with the creation of a basic yet bland dinosaur like creature where it's legacy leads to others of it's species roughly emulating existing dinosaurs in our records. Think of it like paleo dog breeding, its all the same animal at it's core just heavily altered outwardly. The story is a horror story that explores the ethics of genetic Altering.

Sauridae is intended as a complimentary story to michael crichton's original work.

I ask that you please don't criticize the designs for not being accurate as the animals in this story are NOT the real animals and are intentionally meant to be wrong. You are free however to critique the designs on if something could be improved however :)

Sauridae's dinosaur designs belong to  vonderdevil
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I love the Acro!

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thank you so much 'v' ! Im new to drawing dinosaurs

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Nice job keep up the good work! I draw dinos a lot too.