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Feeling cute, drew my goat OC as a kaiju


heres all I made on her being a kaiju just for the sake of fun.

- she lives deep in the earth's mantle
- her "fur" is actually volcanic fiberglass and her armor/horns/hooves are obsidian.

- She has to flee back to the earth's mantle every so often because if she gets too cold, she gets sluggish and weak, because of this she also won't fight other kaiju in the water either due to the fear of cooling off.

- She also "bleeds" magma and if her armor and fur are broken away, she has a skeletal form similar to diamond in looks and hardness.

Please do not repost my art without my permission. My artwork and Characters are not for your personal use. The only people who are allowed to repost/reupload my work are those that the artwork in question was made for, be it Gift/Trade/Or Commission, but I still would like to be properly credited for the piece. Thank you.

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