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WW2 Super Tank

By VonBrrr
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An associated illustration to the technical cutaway of the P.1000 Ratte [link] . Created for a self initiated project for an art collage module.

All hand-drawn in Photoshop with the help of a few custom brushes.

The scene depicts the P.1000 Ratte in its proposed form taking part in repelling allied forces in Normandy.
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from other source, the speed is 40 km/h, same as Tiger
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pretty impressive o-o
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To be honest, If the Ratte was made and sent into battle, Allied would definantly have a hard time for land combat, But not for arial, You see it's pretty heavy and slow, so it makes it a sitting duck for bombing runs- Oh wait it has AA Guns... Fuck.
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so... what would happen if there was a version of ww2 here germany has more better air supremacy and these are built? XD

alternate better ww2 for germany 194...8? x3 (and no atom bomb is bult yet) D=
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There is no way to stop this tank.
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Imagine this rolling towards you, feeling everything getting crushed under his tons of weight and all the death and destruction and you cant do anything against it..............LOVE THIS TANK!
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Eh, you could just bomb it. 
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I think it has like 4 to 8 AA Guns and is always guarded by other tanks.
But a Mortar would do it too!
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It is the size of a battleship, so some high altitude carpet bombing would also do the trick, which would also destroy the tanks guarding it. 
HashtagDown's avatar
Yes that should work. The British had some of the most advanced Warplanes so getting the bombers close enough wont be a problem.
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That is a possibility, but if the Germans knew that the allies would bomb the Ratte, they would probably send fighters to protect the Ratte from the air. And they would probably send aces which wouldn't be easy to shoot down.
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We must like this picture, it is a matter of honor!

PS: +fav  
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Would have been interesting to see this actually manufactured and deployed. Granted their are some glaring problems with the weight, fuel, munitions, and the strong probability of being susceptible to air attacks. Still would have been interesting to see.
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Funny how Germany named their biggest tanks maus and ratte while the allies named theirs comet and etc
ImperatorGermaniae's avatar
And the whole world thinks we have not a sense of humor! We have humor and he is very explosive! EVIL Laughter!

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This thing almost became real during WW2
charbar-offical's avatar
XD we would have lost!
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However there was a mobile Artillery that was as big as this monster and needed 2 train tracks to move 
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I'm reminded of those huge war wheels in the justice lurage episode "savage time"

And how I wish despite the "evil genius" style they took... That the giant war tech that is supposedly supposed to turn back the Normandy landing would have been optimized tech in the style of the day over "ooooh giant tesla wheel!!!"
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Only one wee problem - unless it were built in France it would never have crossed the Rhine. 
Other than that, I'd like to have seen it dueling with USS Arkansas or HMS Warspite, two of the battleships providing gun support for the Normandy invasions.
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I was large enough, and the exhaust high enough that, some historians believe, it could have forded some rivers and streams. It also require an immense amount of fuel and oil, not to mention other liquids, ammunition, and other logistical needs. From what I've read, it would require a 50mile long supply train.
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I had no idea it had two cannons!
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