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Trevithick's 1804 Locomotive

By VonBrrr
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Cutaway illustration depicting the inner workings of the first on rail locomotive designed by Georgian era inventor and entrepreneur Richard Trevithick.
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ah yes the grandfather to the rocket and to the industry of steam
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Is there a place where I can learn about it's specifications?
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Sorry slight hitch,  your drawing is actually from a drawing (insert bottom left corner) of the Coalbrookdale locomotive 1803.  The Pen-y-Darren is the "Replica of Richard Trevithick's steam locomotive, National Waterfront Museum - Swansea" see the link on the wikipedia article…; the difference is that  Pen-y-Darren has the piston at the opposite end to the chimney and firebox.

Other than that easy to make historical slip-up,   fantastic work.
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Trevithick's original engine did NOT have a multi-tubular boiler; it was equipped solely with a single return-flue boiler.
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I din't see anything saying the image was accurate but I didn't know that engines could have only one flue it sounds barbaric and quite odd
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Very nice, detailed illustration! Now, quick question; did the operators walk along with this machine? It doesn't look like there's anywhere to ride with it, and are those control levers coming off of the front of it?
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You did this? Excellent.
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Now THAT is a vintage steam locomotive!!
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Trains that inspires all trains
hail the the grandaddy of the railroad..
nice design
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Aye, she be a fine lookin' clunker, she be. [/terrible Welsh accent]

Lovely work!
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Aha, you've finally put it up! :iconhypnolaplz:

You already know that I think this is fantastic, but there's no harm in saying it again. And it really looks great seeing it online, it looks superbly clear and crisp even when not in fullview. :thumbsup:
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Hehe thx :).

I had come to the assumption that cutaways of this nature aren't as popular as those of giant war machines lol.
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Yea, unfortunately a lot of people place more importance on subject over style and quality.... :c
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