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The Garden of Eden

By VonBrrr
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Bit of a random decision to paint this piece, it displays the aftermath of a powerful sandstorm in the middle east, which results in the discovery of the lost Garden of Eden - abandoned and left to the Evil forces.

Technically the garden of Eden is located in Iraq somewhere near the city of Basra - but that location is not as interesting to look at or draw as a Saharan style desert.

The scales a bit everywhere on this piece - the trees the size they are suggest the dune to the left of the image is around the size of Everest - which is a little absurd for a sand dune.

originally I was planning of drawing an excavation site on the flat planes next to the dome with massive machinery, people, helicopters etc - but having visualised it in my head I thought it might have detracted away from the image being a landscape.
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Interesting concept.Nod 
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Not *near Basra, but under the Persian Gulf. During the last Ice Age it was dry with a single river running through it... What the Shatt Al-Arab is now.
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In the Garden of Eden honey, don't you know that I love you?

In the Garden of Eden baby, don't you know that I'll always be true?
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the sand dunes are very well done, you could upload an advanced version with the massive machinery, helicopters and people.
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Thanks a lot :). In the future I might make another version with the machinery, helicopters and people - there's always the risk though of those aspects making the image look overly busy.