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Templar Returning Home

By VonBrrr
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My first piece using Corel Painter.

Overall the piece has so many flaws in composition and anatomical errors. But it was mainly used to learn aspects of Corel.

The illustration depicts a templar, returning after years in the Holy Land to his family (cheesy subject matter)
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Someone's been busy over the summer, I see. =p

I can see what you mean about anatomical and compositional errors, but as a vehicle to learn the basics of Painter it looks like it's served you very well. The lighting in particular is impressive, the transition between the dark forest interior and bright sunlight looks great. The background looks great too, you've really depicted the distance well. :thumbsup:

Did you use any reference for this image? if not I'd definitely suggest photographic reference for things like the hands holding the reins and the horse itself. These things are incredibly hard to get right from memory or imagination. I'm planning on using more reference to help me produce more accurate artworks quicker in the future.
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Thx :highfive:

Yeah I used a lot of refs, none for the bad looking areas like the weird hands and some of the trees lol. But as you said, even though it isn't a great image it helped me learn the software well enough. After all learning from mistakes is much easier than learning from successes.
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Kudos. :thumbsup: I've yet to put into practice the whole references thing. . . I'll have to do it during college. =p Agreed; if one's art is successful all the time in one's eyes then it can become impossible to see where improvements are needed, and complacency sets in. D: I'm sure after a few more images you'll be amazing in Painter. :la: