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Russian Land-Battleship KV-VI

By VonBrrr
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A technical cutaway illustration of the WW2 Russian Land-Battleship (KV-VI). I was meaning to get this one done for the initial Experimentals of War set but it got sidelined.

Half way through illustrating I found that the thing never really existed even in the design stage, but it was an interesting looking experimental none the less.

I'm my eyes, it's still not finished, perspective issues are present on the katyusha rockets, more interior and track detail is required. Constructive critique is welcome.

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Wonder if you have already the Fortress Tank KV-44.
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Still not enough dakka
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Reliable comrade.
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This tanks actually not real.
The Tank Encyclopedia got a article on the tank:…
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It was a prototype, so it was real
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What source did you read that from? Sure it was trust worthy source?
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Oh god the Russians are packing heat! Were doom!
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/slow clapping/
Really astonishing work.
But it doesn't compare to the depth of autism in the comments from people who call it and P.1500 as actual concepts(unlike Ratte... which they call a project instead of basically a doodle on a handkerchief and piece of disinformation fed to allies:)) and not internet made fakes they are.
Ah, a few generations from now on, their children would believe that it was a real vehicle that really fought in WW2... when angelic americans had defeated german zombies and russian demons with laser guns.
Stop the Earth, I'm leaving:D
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You seriously have no clue how much I wish this fucking crazy ass design went into at least minor production LMFAO
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hell just make the hull wider and add like 2 more rows of tracks and its more efficient
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XD so true!!!! XD (to both of these comments!)
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If that happened they would have dominated the world
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I've read the story over the Russian bememoth. Although it has lots of technical issues, this would be the last hope to end all the wars.
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If those behemoths like this, all wars will be over with a single move.
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I knew I recognized this land battleship. Here's a video with them in it.
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Oh my god, Imagine having something like this in real life, but I have to say it's pretty cool though.
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This picture became very famous alongside the KV-VI. Congratz on the success.
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Thanks!  Was just looking for an image of the P.1000 and came across this.  Love the story!  "They said I was daft to build a triple-tank- but I built it just the same.  And, it blew itself up.  So, I built a second one- that one broke in two, fell into a ravine, and blew up.  So I built a third one- that one fired a full broadside, fell over and blew up. . ."
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Was this based off a real ww2 tank concept by stalim?
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I created this as a hypothetical and fun modeling project...I never intended it to be fake or a hoax.  The artwork is very col but he figure are a bit small.

Brian Fowler
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