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Tips for smooth clean line art
Is your line art shaky, wobbly, sloppy, fat, uneven or pixelated? The subject of clean line art comes up a lot so I've gathered together a number of tips from various DA members that may help you improve your line art. Some of the techniques described below may contradict other techniques described below so you may want to experiment and decide what works best for you. Most of these assume that you have a digital tablet. (Make sure your tablet drivers have been installed correctly. If your cursor is behaving erratically it may indicate a problem with your tablet or drivers.) Some posts have been edited for brevity or spelling:
"I developed my own technique. And it works quite well for me. It raised my Lineart cleanliness from 24% to 98%, yeah, really. Here is how I do it digitally when I'm not using a traditional sketch:
:bulletblue: First a rough sketch, and I isolate it in its own layer then set its opacity to 50 or something near that value.
:bulletblue: Then on the second layer
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm Ash, often I refer to myself as AshtheVon3, Von3, or AshtheOdd.
I'm an Artist who is up and becoming into the creative world, I am heading towards Concept Art, Game Design, Comic (Manga), and Illustrations.
I have many projects I am currently working on.
I do watch Anime, Movies, and play games and I am open to doing Fan-Art occasionally.
Fun Fact: I have no idea how to do Digital Art or Unity.
Fun Fact 2: I am very honest.
I post my work on other sites, so check them out if interested to see the struggles or Artists:…


Crying Animation
This was done in Photoshop Cs6.
I have no idea how to use Photoshop or Animate, once I understand it than I will do more of these in a more higher quality. 
Looks pretty cool though.:happyjoy-py: 
Yo I'm back!!!
I know it's been awhile and DIGITAL FRIDAYS has been a DIGITAL WASTELAND!!
College has been ripping me apart! Clem Epic face 
I'm back though and I'm a start delivering!Elmo en llamas 

Alright, so this is my OC from a comic I'm working on called GHOST GIRL.
This is Diana as in Princess Diana who her design is based off of.
This is one of the projects I'm working on and hopefully I can improve to where I'll begin to upload it on WebToon, I have an account, but I haven't uploaded anything. In the future though for sure.

Okay, so I've decided to start becoming more involved with social media in terms of improvement on skill. 
It's always important to keep improving no matter what, even if you think what your doing looks like complete shit, just keep going cause with time comes progress.
Believe me.
I'm relearning the piano and from day 1, I had trouble, you know, my hands were cramping, i couldn't sound off the beats, and when I tried to read sheet music I would get frustrated because the melody would sound broken and I would cry from frustration. I was in middle school during this time, but the moral is, is that if you keep pushing forward even though it feels like your failing, you'll succeed in the end. 
If you've never failed, then you've learned nothing.Warm sweater [Adventure Time] 

That's why I want to go on this journey towards success and post it on here and other sites regularly because people never usually get to see the failures that go into the final act.
Like I'm playing in a recital this month and the piece I'm playing, I practiced it for the past two to three months, non-stop, like the melody is so annoying because I've played it so much, but that's what you do, you have to do the same thing over and over. Practice and Practice. :bademoticon: 
There is never an end to improvement or going beyond what even you think your capable of.
Shit, I'm surprised sometimes when I hear myself play on the piano. NickYoung Confused Meme 

So I'm going to start a weekly 'project' on here, known as "Digital Friday's" where I upload a digital drawing in SAI on every Friday. I've never used digital media and I honestly don't understand it, but that is why you have to start somewhere.Happy Happy..Onion 

    And then, I'm going to be uploading a series of gameplays, probably not daily, cause I'm in college and students are poor, especially me.onion sad 
The first gameplay is going to be RESIDENT EVIL.
But the main reason why I'm trying to improve is because I have a lot of future projects that I want to upload like a WebComic, but I'm not skilled enough to do it. I will though, definitely, and also a couple of 2D and 3D games, maybe, but I still have a lot of studying and practice to go through when it comes to Computer Programming. I'm a huge geek.
Once I get the hang of all of these crafts, I will then begin a series of tutorials and maybe even publish a book on Amazon of the complete guide to certain things anyone suggests.
I'll write it out in an infographic type of way, alot of people tend to understand with that.
These are future projects, once I am skilled enough will begin.
Who knows, if I'm keeping a straight path down the road to success, I might just be able to do all of this by the end of the year.

Wish me luck in this adventure to failure... 

   and to success.that devious smile

  • Listening to: Mr. Sandman
  • Reading: Computer Progamming
  • Watching: Gameplay
  • Playing: Resident Evil
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Water


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