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Samaritan 5.1

Hi guys, 
this version of samaritan offers new design and new features if you find any bugs comment, some general info:
[Make sure you have installed the FONT and restarted your PC]

Open skin settings to put your username and password.

You can choose between 2 players, just by clicking in the middle.
You can choose songs with Mouse Wheel on Player v 1.9-2 by putting your mouse cursor on the white tab.
Use the mouse wheel to change volume on the Player v 1.9 skin.

By clicking on the user picture it opens a little "Control Tab"
You can turn off your PC sleep or restart it.

By clicking with middle mouse on the "Deviant" it opens settings to choose paths and icons.

/ After putting a text into Settings window press enter to save it.

What is new?
-Gmail support added
-Single Launch Added (Web and Programs)
-Player 1.9 Added
-New Font added
-New settings added

This Version works perfectly with Windows 7
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I love it , could you please add weather

i really like it fav and watch
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I'm looking for the ironman theme
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Nicely done.  I have only one issue that I can't resolve - I can't get Gmail to show.  Font installed, system restarted but I can't find the skin.
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Hi, you should enable the option in your gmail settings to allow third party access.
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Thanks, I'll look for that setting (although I'm no hold out much hope of finding it)
I love this!!

The only issue I am having is neither of the RAM is regertering the current RAM. Seems to be stuck and doesn't move at all. If I could get a copy of the code that works that would be awesome! Thank you.
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I am glad you like it!

Did you try putting the simple Ram skin?

Try replacing this code here:



Is there any way to use spotify as the player?
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For now it is not fully supported by this version.
How do i add the icons to open web paths, etc.

i selected the icon, the link and the name... how do i make the icon appear?
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how do i add games?
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When I realised it was *that* Samaritan my first instinct was to panic. But then I remembered I'm browsing Rainmeter skins
how do you download and instal it????
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After you install rainmeter, then you can install the skin 
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To download the skin, just hit the "Download" button on the top right side.
To install the skin you must have rainmeter and you can download it here :
muchas gracias me gusta el diseño sigue asi excelente trabajo amigo
how much time will it take to download
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It depends how fast is your internet connection
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Quick question- Where's the layout file?
It has the skin, but not the layout, as seen in the screenshot.
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I made no layout, you can just load skin per skin and the put them like this :)
can I borrow your themes and skin?
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