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Anything involving voluptuous warrior women in modern, ancient, and futuristic scenarios. Fights to the death are encouraged, but not required.

The women must be curvy to voluptuous in size. Large breasts and buttocks are encouraged. Art, photography and all media accepted.

If you've got something with a lot of style, then put it in Featured. Submit to the gallery that makes the most sense otherwise.

I won't be upset if you put the wrong content in the wrong folder by mistake. Trust your judgement.
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(having sought for, and received permission to post in the journal)

Good morning!

I have role-played my primary OC in fights for a very long time- or have tried to. Finding good writers - who actually Understand the moves as they are written, and can see / properly write the possible responses**-is very difficult. In fact to this day I am not certain I have found anyone. And I would love to be able to work the whole way through a fight.

In any case:

I seek a player(s) for a mature / erotic fight, plus-18 for certain. My OC is a non-human anthro, Kajm…

He is a shape-shifter, allowing for several possibilities, and he has massive healing factors- which means, Take it To him :P

A lot of people have issues with fighting a non-human (or what some would call 'furry' - which is the Wrong term) but there has to be a few out there...

Further details to be covered in notes- so please note me!

** - for example, if Kajm were flat on his back, kicking upwards... I have had people respond as tho he were Standing stock-still in front of them. Instant RP Death.

Thanks for reading!
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Behold: The Voluptuous Warrior's Decree...

Luxuriate in these vast, comfortable halls of theatrical creativity.

:iconvoluptuouswarriors: :iconproudwarrioress:

Proud Warrioress Art and Voluptuous Warriors exist to promote, represent, and respect the voluptuous woman in action-heroine and villainess scenarios, combined with a sexy and erotic twist. We do not promote violence toward women, but rather, we allow women to express their full sex appeal and empowerment in a fantasy-inspired forum.

The works of art and literature produced by Proud Warrioress Art depict scenes involving actresses, playing roles as they perform in a forum together that they all love. They joy in starring in these productions, and one should be aware that the violence and blood that the viewer sees are simply special effects in their fantasy life.

We maintain that a group of women may enjoy their desires together and display their abundant femininity with respect and dignity at the same time.

We should respect the imaginations of others, and we should keep our own imaginations within the realm of healthy manifestation. We should employ our morality and celebrate our diversity. We should be empathetic to humanity and every human that is a part of it, and so we ask that you see this artwork for what it is. It tells the story of the theatrical productions made by several actresses that seek only to enjoy themselves, and in turn, they ask that the world embraces love and dignity for all of humanity.

Although Voluptuous Warriors Contributors and Members have their own art and views, I believe that we all embrace the spirit of this: artwork and fantasy are anything goes, but in reality, we uphold women with care and respect. All of our Contributors are known for displaying a classy view of the type of art that we produce, and I respect their work tremendously.

With that said, keep in mind, this group is where voluptuous women fight one another to the death in every imaginable scenario. Artists: Bring Your A Game. Don't hold back.

Enter these halls, and enjoy these tales of feminine heroism!!

Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0

Mature Content

Rub by 0Guardian0
Big Boobs LOVER by 0Guardian0
Got ass? Stamp by BootiesRUs

Mature Content

Breasts stamp by Somethingfake
Got ass? Stamp by BootiesRUs

:iconproudwarrioress: :icondalecar: :iconjerrie46: :iconseaquester: :iconx-commissions:


We want to give special recognition to MrBadHand, a very well respected artist at Sexyamazons, and a contributor here at Voluptuous Warriors. His artwork is always very sexy, but also very respectful and skilled in it's presentation. Here are a few gorgeous illustrations of Proud Warrioress by MrBadHand:


We also want to give special recognition to a fabulous and respected artist at SexyAmazons, Monsant, who is also a Contributor here at Voluptuous Warriors! He has illustrated a wonderful drawing of Proud Warrioress located here:…


Check out Shawn O'Toole aka YellowPlasma's Action/Adventure Erotica at these links!…………
And while you're there, just click on his other stories and take a peek!

**I WANT MORE COMBAT ART IN FEATURED! ARTISTS TURN IT UP! Keep submitting all art there, but Give Us Some ACTION!**

Damn! You guys Did turn it up! Awesome!


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DDD-Warrior-Admirer2 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018
Major Olga Frauline on Fat Nazi Warriors


Fantasy story/not reality: In the land were warrior women with humungous tits rule exclusively, Major Olga Frauline,who was well known to have some of the biggest tits,had all the new absolutely huge big titted recruits line up so she could go over what is

expected of New Nazi Warriors. First in battle, she said, is to always be proud of being a Nazi and the benefit of being a Nazi with huge

breasts was the ideal. Intelligence did not matter, only dedication to the Nazi ideology, that one must be willing to sacrifice oneself to the

greater cause. Second, was well a endowed, enormous chest. Major Olga told the recruits that a proud Nazi is  willing to show off her bare

chest,marching straight into the field of battle and especially show off their enormous tits and fat bellies to the elete military.Breast size and dedication directly

determined your rank.Some lower recruits had enomous boobs but just had to learn the Nazi principles, to become officers. Getting new recruits was

never an issue, since you were fed very well to the point of being Fattened like a Nazi Fat Pig for the slaughter.This Idea of "Fat Nazi 

Pig going to the slaughter" excited the soldiers because they were drilled on the idea of a good Nazi warrior may have to be slaughtered 

for victory of the elite. They were drilled time and again that survival of the elite military officers was always the first objective. Olga

used that  phrase often "Fat Nazi Pig"  to describe her place in military society, and that of new recruits,which were regarded, that much lower, until

they could prove themselves in battle. This excited the troops because they wanted the benefit of going into battle against an enemy that they hated and

jealous because of the well known, well  endowed, enormous, big titted warriors that the enemy was said to have.  The Nazis and the

enemy elite felt that the ideal warrior was one who had enormous tits,an engorged rolling belly and willigness to fight for the survival

of the elite warriors. So battles were fought to see which big titted, enormous humungous, warrior  military,could claim to have the

biggest  warrior chest in the world. Both sides claimed to have warriors that were fat and have enormous boobs. The wars would be

fought until only one side could make the claim of having the fattest warriors and the fattest tits as well. Each side was completely

determined to win that battle. So  it did not matter to the elite how many officers like Major Olga or simple soldiers had to die .As long

as one side could win the war to claim their warriors were the fattest and with the biggest tits.The Nazis wanted Olga and all the recruits  to make sure that they were fattend enough to meet the

enemy in battle and that they are no better than a fattened Nazi Pig. The officers and simple soldiers place, in their military society is only to serve the elite at their whim. Olga  was

already fattened enough and dedicated enough for the field of battle with the hope she would be slaughtered like a fattened pig by her

enemy, at survival and victory of the Nazi party. She realized the elite Nazi warriors had to survive. Her life was to serve and hopefully

die a glorious death, by saving victory for the elite warriors. She did hope of dying a proud Nazi officer. She was tickled at the thought

of her enormous breasts finally crossing the battle lines and ready to strike the enemy leader to win the victory or die a simple

completely fattened Nazi pig. Being a Major ,Her Breasts were extremely enormous as well as her fattened belly. Olga warned recruits

that after any loss in battle its expected, the enemy soldiers and officers after a battle,would most certainly jerk off on their dead corpses,fuck

their still warm bodies and Most certainly lop off any officers head and put it on a spike, to show off the death of any Nazi officer to

their leader. Still the soldiers and Olga were excited at the thought of war and the personal intimacy of battle. Each side meeting eye

to eye, to the death. Olga told of her thoughts, of attacking the enemy, the  sexual intensity of a battle with the enemy, became more

intense, with her and the soldiers , as time went on. Her and her recruits were eager to confront an enemy that they wanted to kill as

well. Plenty of the enemy soldiers were known to have humungous  breasts as well.The enemy soldiers were also worked up into a

sexual war frenzy by their officers. Olga  looked up to other Fattend Nazi military  Officers who without question ,went into battle only to

be slaughtered, but their personal loss, still ended in victory in the battles in the past.Olga always taught the recruits Never to back

down from any comments or sneers.Always raise your chin up,extend your arm out proudly in the Nazi salute,Chest out and belly

engorged. Recruits were told, to use the dead corpse from both sides to hide behind if they were pinned down. They were also told, watch

for trip wire and other snares that could kill a Nazi warrior. They were told that sometimes they may be ambushed when they see an unarmed big titted

enemy peasant woman , thinking this is their chance for sex,only to get knifed in the back by a hiding enemy soldier hiding just out of sight.

That enemy peasent might be a secret enemy warrior and shoot the leading officer and put the rest of the soldiers at unnecessary risk

because of one soldiers selfishness. In the end they are to follow orders with no hesitation. They are ordered to protect  the

enormous ,big titted officers at all cost. Anyone not following orders would be put immediately in front of a firing squad.  Remember

recruits were chosen only on their dedication to the Nazi party and their fat bellies and enormous breasts,intellegence did not

matter ,only Fat Nazi's with big tits.Enemies of the Nazi's in battle remembered being transfixed at the sight of these huge,an

absolutely enormous tit flesh, marching across the field of battle.This was a huge weakness in the enemies battle style.Some enemy

soldiers chatted how they had to snap out of their Fat titted Nazi spell that felt they were under.Some battles were lost just on that

one weakness.Others remember snapping out of their trance just in time.Thus seeing this Fat Nazi, huge tiitted, fat blob ready to

strike,then shooting the Fat bitch right between the eyes ,only to see them raise their fat arms to the sky, become cross-eyed and fall with a thump in front of

them.Both sides had images like this and each side played out pretend battle war games, like this with their comrades. This was a way of getting the

soldiers and officers into a complete sexual war frenzy. Major Olga always liked playing the attacking enemy, only to play up these

death contortions, such as, after pretending to be shot, Olga would squeeze her big breasts at her enemies before having

her knees buckle and pretend she was killed, to show -off to her new recruits, in the midst of an intense pretend war game with the new recruits. Some war games ending with some of the soldiers

and officers pretending to lie dead on top of one another. Then the winners, Savoring the moment, would then take their boot and push the Pretending dead Nazi warrior over, on their backs to get a good look at their

enormous chest. Even fondling their breasts and vagina to work them into a heightened frenzy, before the real battle was to

begin. Olga told her new recruits that Enemy soldiers were encourged to save the sawstikas of all their fallen foe.Officer swastikas,which were red, Simple soldiers who proved themselves in battle, wore black swastikas. New recruits wore nothing around their neck until they proved themselves in battle. Officer swastikas were obviously  prized that

much more than the others. From her experience in battle. Olga told her recruits that Enemy soldiers reminisced how they would love to stare at all the fattened slaughtered Nazis and were so impressed at

what dedication, they had.They also liked the cross-eyed look they got and the thump, from the ground shaking fall ,from all that fat

Nazi momentum coming to a complete end,with a kill for the enemy soldier. Olga emphasized recruits are encouraged to maintain

fatness, by having their bellies hanging over their belts.Always ready to die for the cause even at one's own expense.

Olga explained how One should try to raise their sword and run directly at the enemy. Before the battle,Officers capes should  be pulled and secured 

behind the shoulders, to always emphasize each warriors big tits. Recruits are also not given capes until they become an officer. Simple soldiers are given a black cape along with a snug black swastika necklace.Flat chested Nazis  could also fight but only as a

simple soldier. They were not allowed to wear cape or a swastika necklace. 

All Nazi warriors are expexted to wear Black leather Knee high boots. A loose short black cloth covering front and back,of their hips,a thong or no

underwear at all. Recruits were encouraged to allow their vagina's to smell fragrantly, if they chose, for the enemy to enjoy if they were killed.

 All Nazi warriors are given a battle sword and sheath, two black belts that were crisscrossed  between their heavy enormous chest to

emphasize the enormous size of their chest. The elite military wanted the enemy to see the stagginging amount of big tits facing the

enemy. All  enemy warriors and officers wore  tight black stockings over there head, tied in a tight small bun for simple soldiers or

with added bright colored war leather bands and feathers, flowing down their back for officers. This was worn to look like fierce

warriors. As the moment of truth came in the field of battle. Both enemy and Nazi warriors looking eye to eye at this point. At the  Nazi officer direction of raising sword.All recruits,would pull their swords out, point them at the enemy 

On the leaders call,ATTACK! ATTACK! KILL THEM! These were the phrases used in battle.Officers are always to lead the attack. If battle was lost,officers who survive battle are

immediately executed w/ no trial.

Major Olga marched back and forth, showing the new recruits how to present themselves when they finally do march in battle.

Keeping in lock step w/one another. As well as in front of a Grandstand full  military elites and dignitaries. She described what is

expected of a new Nazi recruit. As she marched in step back and forth, time and again showing how a proud Nazi should properly

present oneself to the elite Military. Keep in lock step, chin up, eyes fixed on elite military, arm and fingers fully extended in the proud Nazi salute. Since it was a sweltering mid afternoon day, Olga was sweating profusely and reeked of body odor from her big tits. Olga

and all Nazi soldiers were encouraged to smell of body odor. With the hopes of scaring her enemy away just from the smell.Major Olga

was so proud to be a Nazi officer, to the point that her juices flowed on occasions from her vagina.She was completely proud to expose

her huge chest and always enjoyed the view of seeing her recruits exposing their chest, right out there for all  to see.As well as

the idea of all this Breast flesh,tits swaying in unison,all the soldiers keeping their chin and eyes angled toward all the elite military

leaders.The numbers of troops was staggering.The troops were only selected on Bresast size alone ,nothing else mattered.Essentially

the ideology was Big tits and be ready to die for the elite military.Nothing else mattered Olga reiterated, Only a fat belly, big tits and

complete dedication mattered to the elite military as to who was promoted with in the military .Major Olga was selected to be a Major because her chest size was enormous.She stood proudly in front of her

elite military.Always following the etiquette she was taught herself when she was an early recruit.She would proudly stand at attention like her new recruits do as

well. In proper order, Olga and the recruits would quickly and proudly extended their fattened arm out w/fingers flexed outward, Huge

tits fully exposed.She and the new recruits would proudly exclaim "Heil Hitler" in a loud voice.Olga and the recruits would then snap

their,black leather heels toward the grandstand onlookers. Olga being the lead officer, would then bow her head in respect to the other

officers.This was what was emphasized to the new recruits.They too learned to stand at attention, march and to learn how to give the

proudest Nazi salutes they could muster.Olga noticed sexually that some new recruits really were excellent soldiers and loved watching

them go through the military drills.She would notice how truly big their chest was, and how they were completely dedicated to the

cause. She was so excited to see some new recruits and plenty of enemy soldiers as well as officers, from a distance, with some of the

biggest tits she had ever seen. She could not wait to confront ,those enemy big titted whores as she called them. Olga chose two turncoat enemy soldiers who became dedicated Nazis,
as personal guards just simply because they had completely swollen chests, as well as being extremely plump. With their bellies 

completely flowing over their belts. Olga considered herself as well as her personal guards as having the ideal Nazi look. Olga and the two other soldiers ,were built very similar.Essentially  all were fat and out of shape ,but what

mattered, is their huge chest ,overflowing belly and that  they were proud Nazis.This is the type of soldiers the military was looking for.They felt that a

completely fat soldier, with enormous tits and fat belly, was from a well fed country.The idea of enormous tits, came from the victories that resulted

because the opposing force was just taken aback at seeing all this tit flesh.Olga  and a lot of recruits fantasized about the day they

would  be chosen to lead the other soldiers into battle.They would chat amoungest themselves how the opposion would be amazed to

see all this tit flesh, marching methodically toward the thick of the battle.They would then raise their sword when ordered by the lead

officer. Then at that precious moment ,only when the lead officer could see the whites of the enemies eyes,would she would call out in a loud voice ATTACK! again in a savage manner she would out again ATTACK!

and again ATTACK! At that point the lead officer and the first row of Nazi attackers would be dead ,usually within a few moments, from

a hail of bullets, and fall in their contorted death
throws, before they took more than a few steps. They were told by Olga, that the enemy officer  would be in the front lines to personally shoot

point blank into the forehead of the lead Nazi officer Or vice versa. Being on the immediate front lines, most officers and soldiers were shot dead

very quickly in the battle.But then the next officer would take up the charge with her soldiers, and they too would try to cross the

enemy line. If the Nazis had gained the upper hand in battle, a Nazi officer would personally lop of the head of the enemy officer. Then

in a moment usally shot point blank between the eyes and fall dead themselves. Olga reminded them what a glorious death that would be, especially if they were shot between the

eyes.That was considered the most the most honorable death because they died for the survival of the Nazi Party.Some  Nazi officers and soldiers marked an X on their forehead to remind the enemy where to aim for. 

They wanted and were always reminded by Olga  and other military officers, to die for

their elite military officers. Olga even

went to so far as to reenact battle scenes, so as to get the soldiers into a complete sexual war and sexual attack mode.Olga realized

because they were so fat and out of shape, they could only charge over a very short distance. Olga reminded the new recruits to only attack when they see the whites of the enemies eyes, because they were too fat, but also to make the battle very personal with the enemy officer and her soldiers.They too liked the idea of being so close to

the enemy that one could overwhelmingly smell body odor and clearly see the whites of the enemies eyes,only then to be shot  right

between the eyes. Olga explained how some soldiers would call out in the last rebel yell,back arched back from bullet, tits flopping

about,knees begin to buckle, then that last body contortion and final death yell before falling in a solid thump. Others were dead

before they hit the ground. Eyes crossed in their head. If need be, soldiers are expected to fall as they die on any barb wire or trip wire or anyother temporary impediments. 

so that  other attacking Nazis can gain the upper hand against any enemy forces. Olga and her comrads imagined rows of frontline soldiers

on both sides falling in these contorted death falls.Tits fully exposed to the enemy,Arms raised high with the strike of the enemy

bullet penetrating their foreheads resulting in an immediate kill shot for the enemy. Or the enemy falling under the big tit Nazi spell, only to loose their life or be captured. Olga reminded them as well, some warriors will die were they stand, never

reaching the enemy at all. She said, All attacking Nazi officers and soldiers must try to cross enemy lines.Olga reminded them some will to fall to an early death.With others falling on top of other enemy soldiers as the battle progresses and

intensifies. They would get so sexually excited at watching these pretend battle scenes.They could not wait to meet the enemy in a

real battle. Some Nazi officers being so hugely fat and with enormous tits,They wanted to march across the field of battle in full battle war mode, way ahead  of

the rest of the soldiers. The reason being, that they would be willing to be a human sacrifice to excite the other soldiers into battle, Once the were executed by the enemy. 

Olga said once this big titted warrior was shot dead, the call to attack was then given. Resulting in the first, second third warrior battle

line attacking in succession.Then falling,to hopefully a glorious death soon after. Olga described how these battles have so many,

warriors on both sides lying dead. Olga could care less how many enemy solders and enemy officer died. She did have her own

collection of enemy officers headdress that she killed in battle. She especially liked to keep headdresses of the enemy officer

 whores and a few military elite who had some of the biggest tits she had ever seen. Olga described how quite a few enemy elite

military attacker tits were so heavy, it made her warrior attack extremely slow to lead the attack and fight as well. Another words the

higher the rank the easier it is to kill them. They are so easy for the killing. Other fat whores take their place and they die very easily

in other battles as well. She was amazed in one battle, herself to see this real huge titted fat bitch elite warrior with these gigantic tits

and belly,loose her head, the moment she reached the enemy and call ATTACK! Olga described how this fat warrior ,wore the black

stocking  over her head. Olga said she could not see this fat warriors eyes with the black stocking covering her head. But when Olga

was on the front line and the enemy was so close at the start of the battle because ,this fat bitch could not move very quickly. But her

tits still swung back and forth bare chested and her absolutely enormous tits,completely weighted her down. So when this fat whore called ATTACK! Olga described how she just raised her sword and before

the bitch took one step, Olga lopped the elite militaries head clean off.  What a prize Olga said to herself. After the battle she finally got

her chance to take off the black stocking and she described that she was an elite military warrior that deserved to die and kept her

headdress but put the fat bitches head on a spike for her leaders to see. Olga described how in the battle another slower

movingenemy elite warrior, with even a bigger chest. Olga figured this warrior was an extremely high ranking officer. This gigantic

chested warrior had a very long flowing headdress Olga had just killed the lower ranking officer and a moment later was fighting

another battle with another elite whore who lost her head as well. Both warriors chest just became dead weight, as one body fell

headless on top of the other. As a result, Olga had two officer kills in moments after the battle began. The higher rank officer kill with

the longer headdress was her most coveted prize
Olga was so excited when she got her chance to lop off these fat bitches head off. She described how humongous their chest was and

how they both died a glorious death. Both officers died a warriors death. Not afraid to die in the field of battle. Olga described how

smooth their chest was and this sexually excited her about these two elite enemy officer warriors.

with their huge tits just pointing at the empty sky. This image excited Olga and passed on her sexual war image to her new

recruits Olga loved the idea of being chosen one day, as a human sacrifice to lead the charge of attack. The attention,and some jelousy from other soldiers, officers as well as enemy officers and soldiers. 

 whether  they were marching into battle or marching past the grandstand. Olga always dreamn't 

and earnestly wanted to show her higher ranking officers, that she was a dedicated, proud Nazi Major, willing immediately  to lay

down her life on even the slightest whim of other higher ranking officers. She knew that their was plenty of jealousy amongst the elite,

officers and even simple soldiers. because her chest was so enormous and added a plump belly. Some would have been completely

happy to see the demise of Major Olga. Olga knew of their jelousy but still was so proud of her enormous chest and fat belly. eagerly

waited her turn to lead the troops into battle again. This Nazi  ideology is what she impressed upon the new recruits, having a completely big chest as well as a fat belly

Always be ready to die for your higher ranking officers. Any lower ranking officer or soldier was expendable. She emphasized, when

first entering a room to  interrogate prisoners.Simple soldiers are to stand in place with chest out and eyes only looking forward never

directly at an officer.Officers should then enter room, stand directly in front of all the prisoners. Then give the proudest Nazi salute that they

can muster,bow their head to intimidate the enemy,to falsely show you are a friend.At the same moment snapping the backs of their

heels,just to intimidate the prisoners.You should then introduce yourself and mention that you are a proud Nazi officer ready to die for

your country. .Explain that you will be personally responsible for guarding them and that they are willing to die by firing squad if even

one of the prisoners escapes.

Prisoners were then assigned to each officer and Major Olga went through her routine of introducing herself to the new prisoners, whether they wanted to know or not.

Many prisoners sneered when she gave her Nazi salute. This did not phase Olga at all, like she taught her new recruits.She could hear the comments of what a fat Nazi

she was. Some were whispering what humungously fat tits this Fat Nazi bitch has. No wonder, she has the rank of Major. Some would have like to fuck her real good. Others were disgusted at this Fat ,piece of shit Nazi saying ,given the chance, would put  a bullet right betweens this bitches eyes. When heard the whispering she called out to the group in a loud projecting voice Hasmauldo!Silence!What Major Olga did not

know is one of the new prisoners had a silencer pistol that was hidden.

In the castle.when one of the prisoners got the first chance, When Olga had already stepped out to report her findings to the elite military officers, she pulled out her hidden silencer and without the least remorse, shot her

silencer point blank at one of female HUGE TITTED Soldiers that was one Olga's personal guards. Killing her immediately between the

eyes. the Nazi turncoat eyes went cross-eyed and she simply flopped on the floor, her enormously fat tits now facing the sky.The other personal guard was in the other room guarding other prisoners and was 

garroted around the neck.The second's guard mouth was was open, trying to sound the alarm,but to no avail.Her

tits being so heavy,they just swayed evenly back and forth as she tied to get loose. She too just flopped on the floor when dead. The two guards, before their demise, were so

dedicated that they openly bragged about willing to die, so Major Olga could live.The Guards bellies were extremely fat, as Major Olga

made sure they were well fed.They also had some of the biggest tits as well.They were so proud to be her personal guard. They

both proudly stood at attention whenever Olga would enter her private quarters,their eyes set straight ahead as they were taught as recruits.

The guards after they were dead, were quickly stuffed together in an empty closet.One guard with a bulett to the forehead, the

other a scar around her neck from being garotted.Tits were hanging out everywhere and some of escaped prisoners left the door

open, for a bit to enjoy looking at their enemies now dead corpses staring back blankly at the escaped prisoners. Then after a few moments

they heard the heavy boots sound from Major Olga, as she was making her way back to her interrogation room.When Olga got to the

door she was surprised that there was no personal guard present. Then a moment later she saw the drops of blood going into the interrogation

room.She quickly pulled out her Lugar and was ready to find out what had happened.What she did not see, was an escaped prisoner

with a  garrot ready to put around her fat neck, as she walked in.the prisoner was waiting for her moment to strike, just hiding out of sight. Olga said  loudly in her German accent as she quickly entered the interrogation room."Vhat is going on? "You all will be shot!

I see the blood!At that moment she barely got the words out when the prisoner who was hiding just out of sight ,quickly put the

garrote over her double chin and around her fat neck. Olga's humongous tits just swayed back and forth as her chest arched forward. One could see Olga's tongue

and face turning color as the noose became tighter.She glared at the other prisoners with the whites of her eyes appearing now larger

then normal.Her facial expression was one of someone trying to curse at her enemy.One could only hear Olga say to the prisoners" I vill kill you all".That is the last words heard by Major Olga,as the garrote became to tight for her to talk at that point. They simply watched with enjoyment as Olga's life was being snuffed out. Her expression was one of a cold stare at the

prisoners as she fought hopelessly to release the garrote from around her extremely fat neck. When  now her  body and big tits became completely dead weight. Her completely heavy weighted chest  just flopped on the floor with, her

  dead lackluster eyes, now just blankly staring into empty space.The prisoners were so happy at the demise of Major Olga.Some of the prisoners pushed her

now dead weight body back over onto her back to get a good look at this high raking Major. Now simply a dead Nazi corpse.Her still warm tits completely flopping over to the sides of her body. Her now grey glazed over eyes just staring blankly up to the ceiling. Some were truly astounded at her huge

chest. Some of the female prisoners and older male prisoners, before escaping, squeezed Olga's humongous breasts or you could say

they took the time to feel-up, this now dead corpse.Olgas now foggy eyes just stared at the ceiling with obviously no feeling.Then One of

the disgusted prisoners ,at such a fat, big titted Nazi,took out her silencer and shot Major Olga right between  the

eyes. Olga just stared into space as she lay on the floor, with a third eye in her forehead. For a moment one could see the stub of the bullet still in view in Olga's forehead, acting as a cork in a bottle. The prisoner, as expected by Olga. snapped Olga's red officers swastika, as well as the two personal guards black swastikas.

They then piled all the enormously three fat Nazi pigs up against the door. That was an enormous

amount of Nazi dead body fat, blocking the door to allow their escape out another exit. At this point, with it being an extremely hot afternoon, one could smell the enormous sweaty body odor

from Olga and her two personal guards. Since all three were extremely fat and still smelly from  outright body odor from the heat of

the day.The Fat,sweaty Olga and her two guards just lie dead in a unorganized stacked manner, because of all the dead weight. In the

unorganized stack there dead eyes just stared into space, mouths open bellies bloated and softly hanging over their belt. Expressions

on Major Olga and the two guards was one of "Now do what you want with my me" commented  the prisoners. As predicted by Olga

herself. Quite a few of the prisoners jazzed on her and her two fat bellied guards. Some jizzed right into their open mouths, as if Olga

and her guards were inviting the masturbation of the prisoners themselves face. One of the escaped prisoners took out Olga's own

sword, which had cut down many an enemy warrior and loped off Major Olga's head clean off with one swipe of the sword. They then

placed it on a spike again how Olga predicted.Cum was still dripping off her face. There she was still on a spike with, her mouth still

open and the look of "Do what you will with me "Olga's fat body and the two fat guards still lay blocking the door. Fat tits and fat bellies still flopping everywhere. 

Bellies .All that eight,blocking the door, blocked any initial attempts to open it,with so much weight of the three Big titted fat Nazis, completely blocking any chance, in the near future to open.All of Olga's.prisoners were

then able to escape without a trace. In the end Major Olga got her well deserved gift of a third eye and died a proud fat big titted,fat bellied Nazi. 
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Life and death of a Humongous Big Tit Fat Warrior


Click,click,click,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK!,CLICK!CLICK!,CLICK!CLICK!,CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!click,click,click,click This is the sound of a warrior on guard duty. With her black leather boots as she unknowingly walks into an ambush. This warrior is a proud warrior. This warrior walks proudly her guard duty.The Queen has only asked for warriors that are completely top heavy, fat overstuffed belly that even rolls over her belt.She wears a black cape with two leather straps across her chest that even at one point get lost in her deep cleavage. This is a warrior that is completely comfortable marching in public ,for all to see. Her deep enormous chest.She even looks forward to even push her enormously fat tits to whom ever might threaten the queenClick,click,click,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK,CLICK!,CLICK!CLICK!,CLICK!CLICK!,CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!click,click,click,click.At this point this warrior has just passed the point of no return. Hidden just out of sight is an enemy warrior ready to ambush this enormously big titted warrior for her first kill. The fat big titted warrior, knows very well the hallway wear her guard duty take place.But these last few moments will be her last guard duty.As this bloated warrior walks ever slow close and the shear physical weight of this warrior with her one belly roll over her pants. Her boots have been worn down to the point that they are in need of replacement. As the moments gets closer the ambusher can get a quick view of her enemy and sees that she looks like an easy kill, since she has the element of surprise and the fact that this guard is by herself and no one nearby. The fat warrior has her gun over her shoulder with the gun strap held tightly against her soft, large,sweaty bosom. Since it is a sweltering night. All is quiet for now. Then without warning just as the boot sounds on the floor draw past the enemy. The trap is put into action. The warrior is taken out as her eyes become enormous trying to see who did her in.Her fat tits now flow and her nipples begin to point toward the sky. The enemy sarcastically consoles the dying warrior and says Know go to sleep.The dying fat warrior can fight back no longer and dies by herself in this empty hallway except for her executioner. Who is know looking over her first ambush kill. She has time to admire her now trophy, with her eyes staring out and her mouth now wide open trying to call the alarm. The dying warriors fat belly and breasts are covered in smelly sweat since the night temperature has been oppressive. The victor looks to see what she can take from this now dead humungusly big titted warrior. The dead warrior just stares blankly into space. She dies knowing she served her Queen. But that may change very soon as now the battle plan is unfolding and the major offensive is coming to the queens castle. Other fat, big titted warriors are locked in battle. Whose battle tested fat belly and tits are going to win the day?  
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