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A/N: This is a birthday gift for my best friends Carlos, Danielle, Ashley, Harwicks and Monica. Enjoy, everyone.

Fiendish Takedown
By Donald Morrison

******************** (Opening Titles) ********************

(Background Music: Marvel Studios Fanfare by Michael Giacchino)

(The special episode starts off with a slideshow of the many scenes from all kinds of shows, such as the Morrison Rangers, the DX Divas Show, the Neo-Japan Stories, HyperManiaX, Confection Cuties, LiveMetal Sentai Rockman and much more, done in the same style as the 2016 opening of the Marvel Studios logo. As the rapid slideshow goes on, we suddenly see various main characters from said shows coming in, such as Gambu from HyperManiaX, Confectionist Rose from Confection Cuties, Rockman X from LiveMetal Sentai Rockman, Maestro R from Requiem, Claire Cambridge and Rachael Malulani from the DID stories, Cefiro and Mariko from the Cupids and much more, followed by Donald Morrison of the Morrison Rangers slashing down his Dragon Dagger, Shogoku Yoshihiro of the DX Divas slashing down her Katana of Light and finally Loli Mask firing her magical shots, just as the DeviantArt Studios logo slowly turns around, complete with various scenes from the aforementioned shows, revealing the DeviantArt Studios logo in the process. Right after it finished turning around, the mention "A DeviantArt Studios Special Presentation" appears, along with the mascot of the website itself, Fella, appearing on the left of the logo, giving the logo bright colors to it.)

A DeviantArt Studio Special Presentation

Narrator: (Peter Cullen) This is a DeviantArt Studio special presentation.

(End Marvel Studios Fanfare)

(With the DA logo out of the way, we fade to black and the Morrison Rangers logo appeared, with the fourteen Rangers all standing together like a team.)

The Morrison Rangers
In High Definition

(And with that logo out of the way, we fade to black and we begin our special episode.)

******************** (End Opening Titles) ********************

(Background Music: Let Me In by Code Orange)

(Our story begins with an establishing shot of a dark and brooding castle located on the outskirts of Brooksville, Florida on an equally dark and brooding night, thunder and lightning crackling in the background included. Inside of the castle was a unique mad scientist laboratory that had a wrestling ring, complete with all the usual machines and equipment that you would see in a 1930s Universal Monster movie while the ring was in the literal dead center of the room. And in this lab was, surprisingly enough, Steel, the very active and super confident robot from Power Rangers Beast Morphers, who was strapped down on a wooded operating table and trying to break free with very little success.)

Steel: (Struggles to break free) Hrrrrrgghhh!! Well that’s the last time I take a stroll down the creepy castle on my vacation. There’s gotta be a way out of here. (Hears someone coming in) Huh?!

(Upon hearing the entrance door being opened and shut, Steel spots the man entering into the mad scientist laboratory/wrestling ring, walking up to the captured robot Ranger. And the man that was holding Steel as his lab prisoner was none other than WWE Superstar wrestler Bray Wyatt, fully decked out as his demonic clown persona known only as the Fiend, along with wearing a lab coat and head mirror. Naturally, Steel was both shocked and disturbed by the appearance of the Fiend and his doctor gear.)

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly) Hehehehehehehehe…

Steel: Bleh, who or what are you? If you’re a doctor, then you’re the one that needs a good solid check up because you look SICK!!

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly) Hehehehehehehehe…

Steel: You’re not much a talker, are you?

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly) Hehehehehehehehe…

Steel: Thought so. Okay Chuckles, what do you want from me? Why am I a guest at your hotel of instant destruction?

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly) Hehehehehehehehe…

(Rather than just explaining his evil plans to Steel like a regular sane person would do, the Fiend pulls out a sketchbook and shows the robot Ranger a bunch of poorly drawn pictures of him being operated by the demonic clown wrestler.)

Steel: Huh? You’re gonna operate on me?

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly) Hehehehehehehehe…

Steel: Well that explains the whole mad lab set up you’ve got here, for better or for worse. But what for, what do you have in store?

(Again, instead of simply telling Steel with regular words, the Fiend runs up to a nearby control panel and pulls a switch way down, activating a steel cage and opening it wide open for the robot Ranger to see what was inside.)

Steel: Ummmmm…

Voices: (Roaring) Rgrgghhhhhhh…

Steel: That’s not a good sign.

(From the other side of the steel cage came a group of monstrous mutants that joined up with the Fiend in all of their disgusting glory. The mutants themselves turn out to be monster versions of other WWE Superstar wrestlers, those being a Frankenstein’s Monster version of Braun Strowman, a reptilian snake man version of Randy Orton, an ice horned demon version of Aleister Black, a magma demon version of Finn Bálor and even a “Swampfather” of Bray Wyatt himself. Once again, Steel was both shocked and disturbed by the appearances of the Fiend’s team of unholy wrestling creations of science.)

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly) Hehehehehehehehe…

All Monster Wrestlers: (Angry looks) Hrrrgghhhh….

Steel: Ewwwww… Yuck! You all need a good long bath, you guys all stink!

All Monster Wrestlers: (Angry looks) Hrrrgghhhh…. (About to attack Steel but the Fiend orders them to hold back)

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly while waging his finger) Hehehehehe…

All Monster Wrestlers: (Walked back a few feet) Hrgghhhh…

Steel: So you create monster wrestlers. That sure is a weird hobby. But what do they have to do with me?

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly while holding up a drawing of Steel as a monster wrestler) Hehehehehehe…

Steel: Wait, you’re gonna turn me into one of your savage freaks?!

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly while nodding) Hehehehehehehe…

Steel: You maniac! There’s no way I’m gonna be a part of your freak show! (Struggles to break free) Once I get out of here, I’m gonna kick your warty butt and wipe that smirk off your crusty face!

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly while pulling out a power drill) Hehehehehe… (Turns it on)

Steel: (Gulps in fear) Uhhhhhh… Sorry for saying all of those nasty insults. I was just kidding. Really.

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly while walking over to Steel with the power drill) Hehehehehehe…

Steel: Oh no… This is NOT my day.

Fiend: (Chuckles evilly while walking over to Steel with the power drill) Hehehehehehe… (Laughs evilly) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(Just when all hope seemed lost for Steel, the Fiend’s power drill was blasted out of his right hand by a purple energy beam right before the demon clown gets knocked down to the ground by a pink energy arrow, making him burst out a tiny bit of sparks from his chest after getting hit.)

(End Let Me In)


All Monster Wrestlers: HEH?!

Steel: What the?!

Voice 1: Back away from Mister Steel, crazy eyeball clown man!

Voice 2: There will be no drilling of any kind, not on our watch!

Voice 3: Move in for the robot rescue!

Voices 4 and 5: Aye aye!!

(Background Music: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Instrumental by Cash Callaway)

(Right on cue, the team of heroes that saved Steel from being drilled by the Fiend burst down the front doors of the lab and came storming into the room to save the robot Ranger. This team of brave soldiers was made up of the hyper friendly Delphine of the Morrison Rangers, who was in her Pink Delphine Ranger outfit, the tough but reformed Hawk of HyperManiaX, the happy-go-lucky but sometimes serious Confectionist Amber of the Confection Cuties, the always helpful warlock Harwicks and the gothish/punkish but friendly armored superhero Radiance.)

All Heroes: (Posed) SHAA!!

Fiend: (Gets back up) Hggghh!!

All Monster Wrestlers: HGGHHH!!

Delphine: Hi ya, Steel!

Confectionist Amber: We are officially here!

Steel: Holy! Delphine! Hawk! Confectionist Amber! Harwicks! Radiance!

Hawk: (Smirks a bit) That’s our names, don’t wear them out.

Radiance: Don’t look too surprise, we’re here to save you from this ass clown and his kooky crew.

Harwicks: And before you asked, we tracked you via your S.O.S. homing signal in your beetle horns.

Steel: Ah. My brother Nate is THAT awesome.

Delphine: (Giggles) Yes, yes he is.

Radiance: (Extends her orange energy wrist blades) Hold still, please.

(Using one of her orange energy wrist blades, Radiance slashes off the metal straps that were restraining Steel, freeing him from the operating table in a matter of seconds.)

Steel: Ahhhhh… (Stretches his arms and legs) That’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better. Thanks for that, Radiance.

Radiance: You are welcome, Steel.

Harwicks: Also… (Hands Steel his Striker Morpher) You may need this.

Steel: (Takes his Striker Morpher from Hawk) I sure do, Harwicks. (Pulls out his Morph-X Key) Activate Beast Power!

(With one Morph-X Key insert into his Striker Morpher, Steel quick morphs into his Silver Beast Morphers Ranger form on the spot thanks to him being engulfed by a large silvery energy cloud.)

Steel: (Poses) Unleash the Beast!

All Wrestler Monsters: RGGHHH!!

Hawk: That’s right freaks, be afraid!

Confectionist Amber: We’re calling the shots now!

Fiend: Hrrrrhhh… (Pulls out his mallet)

Delphine: Oh, you wanna play with us, Mister Fiend?

Radiance: Good, because we’re itching to give you and your deformed posse a real…

All Heroes: SMACKDOWN!!

Fiend: (Gives the orders to the Wrestler Monsters to attack the Heroes) Hgghhhhh!!

All Wrestler Monsters: (Charged at the Heroes) RRRGGHHH!!

Harwicks: And here we go.

Hawk: (Cracks his knuckles) Strike them good, boys and girls.

Radiance: (Readies her orange energy wrist blades) Remember, the Fiend isn’t immortal.

Delphine: (Readies her Power Bow) He’s normal too!

Steel: (Pulls out his Striker Saber) Yep! Let’s beat them at their own game, guys!

Confectionist Amber: (Pulls out her Candy Blossom) Can do, Steel! Get them!

All Heroes: (Charged at the Baddies) HAAAAAAA!!

(End Power Rangers Beast Morphers Instrumental)

(Background Music: Glorious Domination by CFO$)

(With their battle cries, the heroes charged at the incoming Fiend and his gang of monster wrestlers. But instead of colliding with each other to start the big battle of this special story, the two teams entered into the wrestling ring located in the dead center of the lab and began their fight from there. As usual, we get a ton of scene of our heroes battling the demonic clown wrestler and his combat creatures, like Delphine firing a bunch of her Power Arrows from her Power Bow straight at a lumbering Braun’s chest, Hawk blowing Randy to the other side of the ring with a full green tornado blast, Confectionist Amber making good work out of Aleister by blasting his incoming ice shards with her Candy Blossom, Harwicks laying down electro charged uppercuts on Finn’s magma crusted chin, chipping away the rocks on his body, Radiance slicing up Bray’s swamp vine whips with her orange energy wrist blades before socking him in his green gooey guts, Steel clashing his Striker Saber on the Fiend’s mallet, tiny sparks bursting out with each weapon clash and so much more. We soon cut to Delphine dodging Braun’s double axe handles with her jumps, busting up the wrestling mat instead.)

Braun: (Slamming his double axe handles at Delphine) Errrgghhh!!

Delphine: (Jumping around) Miss me miss me, now you have to kiss me! (Giggles)

Braun: (Opens up his jaw to reveal his sharp pointy teeth and green slime drooling out) RGGHHH!!

Delphine: (Jumping around) Ewww! On second thought, no kissing! I don’t want your icky germs!

Braun: (Charges at Delphine) RARHHH!!

Delphine: Uh oh! (Readies her Power Bow while powering up) Time to go bye bye!

(Delphine did her think and fires a charged up Power Arrow from her Power Arrow straight at Braun’s special heart piece on his chest while still in midair, causing him burst out a ton of sparks and flames from his now destroyed power source.)

Braun: AGGHHHHH- (Blows up into a million pieces)

Delphine: (Lands on the ground before making a piece sign in front of the camera) Always clean yourselves up, kids! (Giggles)

(In the next scene, Hawk was being bear hugged by Randy very tightly, complete with the reptile wrestler’s sharp claws pieced into the green mohawk teenage boy to make sure that he doesn’t escape that easily.)

Randy: (Bear hugging Hawk) RRGHHHH!!

Hawk: (Getting bear hugged) Gghhhhhh! Hey hey hey, lay off the hugging! No need to get clingy, you know!

Randy: (Bear hugging Hawk looking right at his face) RRGHHHH!!

Hawk: (Getting bear hugged while getting annoyed) Okay, that’s it!

(Tired of being bear hugged by the reptile wrestler, Hawk powers up and blows green energy wind directly at Randy’s face, forcing him to let go of his grip on the teen as he gets blown to the ropes on impact.)

Randy: GHHH!!

Hawk: (Powers up) And that’s not all, jagged scales!

(Not done yet with his attacks, Hawk jumps up high, cups his hands together and fires a super charged green vortex directly down at Randy, getting up caught in the green spinning winds as he flies on out of the castle and heads to the nightly skies.)

Randy: (Flying off) RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhh… (Disappears out of sight)

Hawk: (Lands on the ground while grinning) Later, gator.

(After that, we now cut to Confectionist Amber being turned to ice thanks to the freeze ray of Aleister, already freezing her legs while making his way to her whole body.)

Aleister: (Firing his freeze ray) BLLGGHHHHH!!

Confectionist Amber: (Being turned to ice) Brrrrrrrr!! So chilly! Can we please lay off the ice beam, pretty please?! I love popsicles like everyone else, but this is overdoing it!

Aleister: (Firing his freeze ray) BLLGGHHHHH!!

Confectionist Amber: (Being turned to ice) I’ll take that as a no. Alrighty… (Pulls out her Candy Blossom) Guess it’s all up to me then!

(To stop the ice wrestling demon from freezing her to death, Confectionist Amber charges up her Candy Blossom to heat up her whole body, melting away the ice in seconds.)

Aleister: HGHHH?!

Confectionist Amber: (Smiles) Heat! (Aims her Candy Blossom at Aleister) Try some!

(And with that, Confectionist Amber fires her Candy Blossom right at Aleister, melting the icy brute away with her amber colored energy beam.)

Aleister: (Melting away) GHHAAAAAAAgghhhhh…. (Melts away into a puddle of water)

Confectionist Amber: (Smirks a bit) I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. (Giggles)

(Next, Harwicks was seen blocking magma charged rocks being thrown by Finn with a wall of pure magical electric energy.)

Finn: (Tossing magma rocks) WARRRHHHH!!

Harwicks: (Blocking Finn’s attacks) Uh sir, getting a tad bit hostel, aren’t we?

Finn: (Tossing magma rocks) WARRRHHHH!!

Harwicks: (Blocking Finn’s attacks) Don’t you at least want to talk about it? I may have a right solution to your inner problems.

Finn: (Unleashes a blast of fiery magma from his mouth straight at Harwicks) BLARRRRRRRRRRGH!!

Harwicks: (Hovers up to avoid the magma attack while he sighs) Everyone’s a maniac.

(To take care of the burning Finn, Harwicks casts a magic spell and summons a rain cloud over Finn’s head, pouring water all over him that not only puts out the flames and lava, but makes him immobile too. This allowed the young warlock to preform a flying elbow drop, heading his way down towards the stuck fire demon.)

Finn: WHAAAAAAAAAA- (Gets smashed into a million pieces by Harwicks’ right elbow)

Harwicks: (Surprised look) Wow, I just took down a flaming demonic version of a pro wrestler with my own right elbow… (Smiles) Awesome.

(After that literal smashing finish, we now cut over to Radiance being entangled by Bray’s wild swamp vine arms, with the living vines trying to strangle the life out of the armored superhero.)

Bray: (Using his wild swamp vine arms) KRRRGHGHHH!!

Radiance: (Getting tangled by the vines) Yeesh! This is one mad salad, I’ll give him that! What else can go wrong?!

Bray: (Using his wild swamp vine arms) KRRRGHGHHH!! (Unleashes green spores from his mouth at Radiance) EEEEEEEEGHH!!

Radiance: (Getting tangled by the vines before spotting the green spores) Oy… NEW PLAN!!

(Before the green spores could get to her, Radiance activates her rocket boots and flies on out of Bray’s swamp vine grip just in the nick of time as she manages to avoid being engulfed by the incoming spores.)

Bray: GHHHH?!!

Radiance: (Flying in the air while readying her wrist blasters) Weed killer time!!

(Once she was free, Radiance began rapidly blasting Bray with her mounted wrist blasters, blasting all of the thick muscular vines off his whole body until he was reduced to an actual twig stick figure. Afterwards, Radiance flies down and prepares to take Bray out with her purple glowing energy fists.)

Bray: AGGGGGGGGGGHHH- (Breaks in half after getting hit by Radiance’s glowing fists)

Radiance: (Flying in the air) WOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Evil plant men beware, Radiance is gonna weed you OUT!!!

(Finally, we now cut over to Steel struggling with the Fiend himself in the dead center of the wrestling ring. They were neck and neck with each other for a good long fifteen seconds until the Fiend breaks off from the struggle and chops Steel in the neck ten times, followed by headbutting him in the metal face twice, knocking him into the ropes on impact.)

Fiend: (Laughs evilly) RAHAHAHA!!

Steel: (Gets back up) Yeow, that smarts! Don’t you EVER play fair with your opponents?! Oh who am I saying, you’re a total crazy clown!

Fiend: (Readies his mallet) Hehehehehehe!!

Steel: Ya see, you’re MAD! And I’m gonna make you pay!

Fiend: (Charges at Steel while raising his mallet) RARRRHH!!

Steel: Come and get me, Krusty!

(Rather than letting the Fiend smash him with his mallet, Steel blocks the Fiend’s smash attack from making contact with his body with his two metal hands and proceeds to kick the clown demon in the lower half of his body, hurting him a tad bit. To really bring more pain to the Fiend, Steel pushes him back and triple jabs him in the guts before he jump kicks him into the ropes, where he then lays more powerful punches to his demonic face, damaging him further and further. And after ten seconds of clown punching, Steel grabs the Fiend by his dreads and throws him into the nearby turnbuckle, smashing face first on impact. The Fiend gets back up and charges at the robot Ranger but Steel counterattacks with a simple but powerful boot to the forehead, knocking him back down to the ground. The other heroes soon regrouped with Steel while the Fiend gets back up without his monster wrestlers back him.)


Steel: Slam!

Delphine: Wowy, he’s hurt!

Hawk: Awesome clown beat down, Steel! You’re a real wrecking machine now!

Steel: (Chuckles) Quite so Hawk, quite so!

Harwicks: So Fiend, care to surrender yourself?

Confectionist Amber: Your fellow monsters are out of commission.

Fiend: (Grabs his mallet while chuckling evilly) Hehehehehehehe!!

Radiance: That’s probably a big NO NO from him.

Fiend: (Charges at the Heroes) RAHAHAHA!!

Radiance: Told ya.

Steel: Zing him, guys!

Delphine: You got it, Steel!

All Heroes: (Charged at the Fiend) HEEEEEE-YAAAAAA!!

(We once again get another quick fighting montage, this time showing the heroes battling the Fiend in their own unique ways, from Delphine karate kicking him in the chin six times while shooting his mallet out of his hands with one of her Power Arrows from her Power Bow, to Hawk smashing him in the guts with his spike metal baseball bat ten times before hitting him in the face with a gust of green wind from his left hand, to Confectionist Amber jumping from the jumps to power slam him down to the ground, to Harwicks dodging his chop attacks with his reflexes until he chops him in his shins, knocking him down again, to Radiance swooping down towards him and slashing him across the chest with her orange energy wrist blades, to Steel spinning him over his head and tossing him out of the ring and so much more. To end off the montage, the six heroes all delivered a group uppercut to the Fiend’s blood soaked chin, sending him flying up high until he crashes down on the ground again just a few feet away from our brave soldiers.)

Fiend: (Gets back up while wombling around) Hrrggghhhh…

Harwicks: I strongly believe that this clown has had enough.

Radiance: Yeah, the blood was massive dead giveaway.

Hawk: So how are we gonna finish this? Ramming speed?

Confectionist Amber: Shove out?

Delphine: A super duper dog pile?

Steel: Hmm… Solid choices, guys. But I think this calls for… (Aims his Striker Morpher at the Fiend) Blast off!

Fiend: (Confused look) Hehhh?!

Hawk and Radiance: (Powered up) Works!!

Delphine and Confectionist Amber: (Powered up) Yay!!

Harwicks: (Powers up) Clean and simple, just the way we like it!

Steel: (Powers up his Striker Morpher) That’s the way, my friends! This match is coming to an end!

Fiend: (Charges at the Heroes while readying his mallet) HGGHHHHH!!

Steel: (Powering up his Striker Morpher) You lose, clown!

All Heroes: (Powering up) FIRE!!!

(With the six heroes all charged up, they unleashed a rainbow colored energy beam from their respective power weapons directly at the charging Fiend, blasting him real good and causing the demonic clown wrestler to burst out a lot of sparks from his now destroyed body.)


All Heroes: POWER!!

(Because of the sheer energy from the heroes’ final attack, the Fiend was blasted out of his wrestling ring/mad scientist lab and went flying back through the castle walls, sending him out of the castle as he went flying into the unknown.)

Fiend: (Flying back) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… (Disappears out of sight)

(End Glorious Domination)

(Background Music: Staff Credits (Grand Prix Ending) from ARMS)

Hawk: (Grins) Out.

Steel: (Grabs the wrestling bell and rings it) We win!

Delphine and Confectionist Amber: (Jumped in pure joy) HOORAY!!

Harwicks and Radiance: (High fived each other) Success!!

Steel: And THAT’S how you get them!

(With their major win over the Fiend and his monster wrestlers in the bag, the heroes all powered down to their normal selves, followed by doing one of their group high fives for a job well done.)

All Heroes: (High fiving each other) YES!! We did it!! Win win win win!! No more evil wrestlers or clowns!! Suck it, creeps!! Superheroes for DA WIN!! HAHAHA!! YAAAAAHH!!

Pixel Kitties: (Smirks) That should teach those cursed crum bums a lesson or two.

Hayley: (Grins) Yeah, never mess with Steel because his friends will eat you alive.

Hawk: (Swings his spike metal baseball bat) And then some!

Steel: (Chuckles) Hehehehehe… Thanks for getting me out of that nasty pickle, guys. You’re all the best friends that a robot can have.

Delphine: (Blushes) Awww… You’re very welcome, Steel.

Harwicks: (Smiles) We’ve got your shiny metal back, my good friend. Always have, always will.

Steel: Sweet, that’s exactly what I want to here! Together, we are one super awesome mega duper turbo extreme ultra powerful team!! YAHH!!

Pixel and Hayley: (Laughed) You said it, Steel!

Hawk: (Smirks) We ARE the best. Period.

Steel: Oh yeah! (Jumps on a turnbuckle and stands on top of it) Evil wrestlers beware, Steel and the D-Generation X Heroes are gonna bash you up and take names!!

All Heroes: (Raised their fists up high into the air) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

Steel: (Jumps off the turnbuckle and lands on the ground) And now, vacation resumes. Come on guys, victory drink mugs for everyone!!

All Heroes: AWESOME!!

(And so our story ends with Steel, Delphine, Hayley, Hawk, Harwicks and Pixel all exiting the Fiend’s lab and heading out to have victory drinks with the robot Ranger, taking us out with a shot of the castle on a now peaceful and clear night, meaning that the evils of the Fiend were no more.)

Executive Producers
Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Judd “Chip” Lynn
Brian Casentini
Stephen Davis
Greg Mooradian
Brian Goldner
Sally Campbell
Melissa Flores

(End Staff Credits (Grand Prix Ending))

(The End)

******************** (Cast Credits) ********************

(Background Music: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Instrumental by Ron Wasserman)


Georgia van Cuylenburg as Delphine/Pink Delphine Ranger

Patrick Stump as Hawk

Melissa Fahn as Hayley Crawford/Confectionist Amber

Thomas Middleditch as Harwicks

Jennifer Hale as Pixel Kittes/Radiance

With Bray Wyatt as the Fiend

And Jamie Linehan as Steel/Silver Beast Morphers Ranger

(After the cast credits were shown, we then see the DeviantArt logo, along with the logos of AllSpark Pictures and Disney Television Animation appearing alongside with the DeviantArt logo.)

Narrator: (Peter Cullen) This has been a DeviantArt Studios special presentation, in association with AllSpark Pictures and Disney Television Animation. Thanks for watching, ladies and gentlemen. Until next time, good night.

(Right after the narrator said all of his lines, the mascot of the DeviantArt website itself, Fella, jumped in and waves at the audience, just as the slogan of the website, mentioning "When Art Meets Application" shows up. And right after that was done; the logos and the mascot all disappeared, with the logos of the Morrison Rangers and A DeviantArt Production taking their place, ending the special episode at last.)

The Morrison Rangers
A DeviantArt Production
The End

(End Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Instrumental)

******************** (End Cast Credits) ********************
March has arrived, birthdays are coming, so it’s time to squeeze them all into one awesome package.

For my best friends :icondanielle-chan:, :iconshinobi-gambu:, :iconmagical-mama:, :iconharwicks-art: and :iconpixelkitties:, it’s their respective OCs (Delphine, Hawk, Confectionist Amber, Harwicks and Radiance) helping Steel (Power Rangers Beast Morphers) take on the Fiend of WWE fame and his gang of monster wrestlers. Oh yes, I’m on a wrestling high after seeing Raw with my brother last Monday. And for this case, it works spectacularly.

Happy Birthday Danielle, Carlos, Ashley, Harwicks and Monica!! Prepare for a wrestling match like no other, Super WWE style!!

Enjoy, everyone!

All characters belong to their rightful owners.

Delphine (c) Danielle-chan.

Hawk (c) Shinobi-Gambu.

Hayley Crawford/Confectionist Amber (c) Magical-Mama.

Pixel Kitties/Radiance (c) PixelKitties.

Harwicks (c) harwicks-art.

Power Rangers (c) Hasbro, AllSpark Pictures and SCG Power Rangers LLC.

© 2020 - 2021 VoltronZ1
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Shinobi-Gambu's avatar
Gotta love how Hawk's role plays into all of this so far Donald.

Hawk's act were great despite his arrogant attitude but his role sums him up as well.
The Ring battle was amazin' too, with its big finisher.

A very well done work Donald :)
VoltronZ1's avatar
Yep, even street punks hates demonic clown wrestling monsters. They have standards. Hawk knocked the wind out of the Fiend with his pals. Literally.

Thanks for enjoying your gift, Carlos. Happy Birthday, my good man. :cake:
Shinobi-Gambu's avatar
Welcome Donald and Thanks again :aww:
PixelKitties's avatar
I love the way you write Radiance! Thank you so much for including me in these incredibly creative and FUN adventures!  It really really REALLY means the world to me!
VoltronZ1's avatar
My pleasure, Pixel. After all, she is a Tokusatsu style hero, meaning she gets to take part in colorful brawls like this one. Blast them away, Radiance.

Happy Birthday, my friend. Have an awesome one tomorrow. :cake: :party:

Favorite moments?
shnoogums5060's avatar
Wow! Let him in and bring some monster versions of the WWE superstars, eh? Well, the Fiend may had not his day on this one, but he never forgets. So, he'll come back, as he surely likes to do so... though you forgot his echoed laughter at the end, after he leaves the scene.

Regardless, that was a nice mini-story, man. Your friends will love it for sure.
VoltronZ1's avatar
Eh in this case, he got the wind taken out of him, so there was no need for his evil chuckle. Besides, this is the heroes' victory, not his. They win.

Anywho, thanks for enjoying this gift for my friends, Eric. Doing these is always fun.
shnoogums5060's avatar
-Steel being trapped by The Fiend.
-Monster wrestlers showing up.
-Steel being saved by Delphine, Hawk, Confectionist Amber, Harwicks and Radiance.
-The battle in the ring.
-The big finish, with the Fiend being sent flying away.

And that's it.
VoltronZ1's avatar

And now back to the Ninja Steel episode. Ripcon is going to get the monkey fist.
shnoogums5060's avatar
And i need to continue on my episode too.
VoltronZ1's avatar
We'll both get them done. We can do it.
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