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ZSJL Wonder Woman

By voltesfibz
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My fan art of the Justice League movie version of Wonder Woman. Prints available for purchase here:…
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Besides Ben Affleck's Bat-Voice, Wonder Woman was the only other part of BVS I liked.

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I love BvS, actually. I took my then 14-year old nephew who is a big fan of the Marvel movies with me to the theater to watch it and he enjoyed it as well. His comment was "how come that felt just like watching your comics (I've let him read my collection of both Marvel and DC ever since he watched the first Ironman) come to life than the Marvel movies do?" and he almost couldn't enjoy anymore MCU movies after that and says he outgrew them just like the Power Rangers that he used to binge on.

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With me, it was how hard they tried to merge DKR into the Superman universe. They could had a Batman film before Batman v Superman. Again, Ben Affleck got the Bat-Voice down pat. I've seen a few MCU films, and I liked the second Captain America the best.

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The Justice League arc was intended as a short run of an already lived-in universe. DKR was more a visual template and makes sense in portraying a Batman who is up to the task of taking on Superman. The Nolan trilogy is still fresh in audience memory and it had an origin and an end where Bruce burned out and retired. Instead of rebooting that it used it as some sort of jumping off point character-wise as a Batman who has lost everything he believes in, has lost his way and was on the brink of giving up his cowl. it's respectful of the comic book source and respectful of the all the movie material that came before. It is still accurate in comic history that in his first appearances Batman didn't have his "no-kill" code (this was his first appearance in this movieverse). Although this wasn't even the first Batman in the movies to ever kill and isn't even as murderous in the way that Keaton's was, who not only shot at Joker with guns and rockets from his plane, he outright told Joker "i"m gonna kill you" to his face, strapped a bomb on a goon with a gleeful smirk, burned another goon to a crisp with the Batmobile's jets, etc...