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Adoptable Winx OC/FC Colour Pallets CLOSED by Voltairiss Adoptable Winx OC/FC Colour Pallets CLOSED by Voltairiss

No first come first serve!

Don't buy unless I ask you to via note! As I will send you a link where to pay in the note!
Note: These are COLOUR PALLETS, their faces are the same! SO do NOT, I repeat NOT use the face, eyeshape, hairstyle, etc in any way!



points each (might seem expensive to some, I worked very hard on both them and their pallets which I will only show to the buyers themselves).

I have made colour pallets; which have an interesting way of getting them.
I will not go by the rules of first come - first serve. You will comment on the deviation with a comment stating why you'd love to have one of these and perhaps some ideas.

The rules will be included in the purchased files. As for the colours you could get of of these heads, they are not yours to use and all rules I normally use apply to this file as well.

The Characters:

:bulletred:1. Caravella, fairy of Carnivorous Plants (power that was thought of by ~EtherealSynergy :3)
:bulletred:2. Deliria, fairy of LSD (and it's hallucinative effects)
:bulletred:3. BOUGHT BY: ~EtherealSynergy Efthalia, fairy of Ellipses (the math ones, not the linguistic ones)
:bulletred:4. Melia, fairy of Honey (again, ~EtherealSynergy and ~Icookie365)
:bulletred:5. BOUGHT BY =eilatani Marianna, fairy of Treasure (I imagine her as a pirate. Her name's a pun on Anne bonney and Mary Read, famous female pirates)
:bulletred:6. BOUGHT BY =eilatani Tallulah, fairy of the Cycle of Water
:bulletred:7. Stephanie, fairy of Mining (Note; her name's a pun of Steve from Minecraft ;) )
:bulletred:8. Kohara, fairy of Reefs
:bulletred:9. BOUGHT BY: ~SuperKawaii Josephine, fairy of Flower Properties (as in meanings of flowers; as in red roses signify love etc. again power thought of by ~Icookie365)
:bulletred:10. BOUGHT BY ~Zufku/~Antigonia Nerida, fairy of Pollen and Fertilisation (again, ~EtherealSynergy and ~Icookie365)
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June 19, 2013
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