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Tupandactylus - Final Version

By VoltaireArts
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Tupandactylus imperator
Technique: Graphite and Digital Art.


The hole post-cranial are based on close relatives of this species. All cranial and mandibular aspects are based on a new specimen not yet published.

The color are based on costal birds. This bizarre pterosaur lived during the Cretaceous Period of Brazil.

This image are made to the publishing of the new specimen material of this pterosaurs.
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SuckedFuckedDucked's avatar
They must either have had very light bones or HUGE neckmuscles to support that head.
Wow, great job! Looks amazing!
Jazon19's avatar
brilliant! great work!
Jazon19's avatar
hey most welcome! Its a fascinating species and you did it proud!
VoltaireArts's avatar
Thanks man!
As soon as possible I will submit more pterosaurs... and a Prestosuchus on the same stile.

Jazon19's avatar
su-weet! You're in my watch list for that very reason bro!
sethness's avatar
What function encouraged this species to develop such an oddly shaped head? It looks like a huge rudder...but then the mandible and maxilla are beyond weird, too, and not particularly effective-looking if fish-catching was the goal.

Guesses, anyone?
ProcrastinatingStill's avatar
Probably used for mating displays.
another wicked awesome picture!
NEGOXE357's avatar
Beautifully done!
Lieju's avatar
That head-piece must be really light.

Is it very fragile?
VoltaireArts's avatar
In fact this is one of the topics of the paper who describes a new specimen of this animal made by Pinheiro and collegues (UFRGS - Brazil). And I can only tell that the crest are formed by fibrous like structures that make the crest stable and light. The specimen also show the bird like beak structure as shown on the image.
jelenasseid's avatar
that look is cool
Psithyrus's avatar
Awesome! Sexual selection run amok!

Thanks for sharing

hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
Impressive... most impressive...
AlexisAthene's avatar
Nice work! He has got a very strange head xD
SgtPossum's avatar
This, is clearly the kind of fellow who would attend Megadeth, Slayer, and even Cannibal Corpse concerts. Look at that headbangin' doo!

albertarts's avatar
It's awesome! Great job!!!
AurumEstPotestas's avatar
This is great! I like the thin lines and the textures. Very cool indeed. :)
PlumiiraCreature's avatar
this is awesome! Great job :D
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