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September 24, 2012
White Knight + Study by ~VoltaCrew
Featured by WillowXD
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White Knight + Study

Volta | R.Jia CA
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Palila's avatar
so very amazing! Especially the left one I would expect to see in an artmuseum of Orientalism because of the light situation and the exquisite structure of the textiles. And yet that golden eyes...

Oh, i love it!
vulpescorax's avatar
The left one looks so much like a work from Yoshitaka Amano, this is absolutely amazing!
type5wing4's avatar
the right one looks damn real
LydiasTears's avatar
That is amazing. Nice datail :heart:
thandav's avatar
great Art congrats ... coolest
Flashwitt's avatar
Gorgeous light- glorious textures! Delicious!
GallifreyanPenguin's avatar
Wow... just .. the detail is exquisite. I love both.

And despite my love for beauty in art, it's his face I find deeply compelling. Amazing work!
TiredMomArt's avatar
Neoniverse's avatar
this is so awesome that I rememberd The Hobbit is comming *-*
ProofrockPilchard's avatar
You have put remarkable allure into this...
JessyMartin's avatar
Really amazing *-*
AnnMarKo's avatar
Gorgeous Art and incredible skills.
Jazznote's avatar
Wow, so detailed! O:
CrimsonThrenody's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
MezzanotteMarionette's avatar
The oneo n the right reminds me of Gandalf... did oyu use him as a reference :O
Backfirejr's avatar
I was thinking more along the lines of King Theoden before Gandalf removes the curse from him.
StripeySocks13's avatar
I was thinking the exact same thing ^_^
Backfirejr's avatar
It really looks a lot like him ^^
MezzanotteMarionette's avatar
TJverhagen's avatar
whoa. this is brilliant. masterfully done!
xByDefault's avatar
Wow! These are amazing, especially the look in their eyes!
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