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Current Residence: Dayton, OH
Favourite genre of music: Anything really
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Ubuntu Linux
Shell of choice: Gnome
Wallpaper of choice: Rarity
Skin of choice: Snake
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Ed Elric, Naruto
Personal Quote: "This is the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING!"

Favourite Movies
Clerks. Nuff Said Here.
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Douglas Adams
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Wii / PC / PS2
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Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver MX, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, Flash MX, pencils, paper, etc.
Other Interests
Computers, my wife, drawing, horsies
Woo check it out.  http://www.deviantart.com/journal/Summertime-Plush-Give-Away-454511374 Awesome stuffs.
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Check it out, and enter.  Pretty cool idea.  https://whitedove-creations.deviantart.com/journal/Summer-Plushie-Giveaway-381439366
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For: http://coltizajayo.deviantart.com/art/FO-E-OC-CLEVERBOT-CHALLENGE-Read-Description-plz-328576706 Radiant Star from Fallout Equestria: Starlight finds a terminal with a chat function.  Silliness ensues. ----------------- User: Oh, a terminal. And it has a chat function! What does this do? Cleverbot: Lots of things. User: Oh? Who are you? Cleverbot: I am your father. User: You're not my father. Cleverbot: Yes I am. User: What is your name? Mine is Radiant Star. Cleverbot: Rob? I hate that name. User: No... My name is not Rob. Cleverbot: Then what is your name? User: Radiant Star. Cleverbot: *waves hand*. User: *waves hoof*.
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:P :P   just because STAR WARS 7 ICON-- Kylo Ren! Judy - Icon Finnick - Icon Rarity enjoying the ride 
Have a lovely birthday.
thanko very much for gime watch!
I hope you have the grandest of birthdays this days. With family and friends to give you a gift you never forget.
Its a shame that your story isn't a major one compared to project horizons. If it is, and my information on what googling has produced, then congrats. It should be. As there is just enough wrong with horizons to really dislike and worse, considering all that happens, just having to consider some aspects as pandering in part to a certain crowd. (Including some clear copying to mass effect characters.) It is like a SS&E story, enough at the start to get you hooked, then dumps something that just makes you recoil and drop it like a shoggoth gnawing on your hand.

I rather loved kkat's story, I tried it fairly, and with his own views on it, and found it enjoyable. It was a great setting, and I have been looking into more than a few stories, The daily unlife being a big one to enjoy. (The humor in that really sells the story.) Dark shores, another, a soft spot for sea ponies/kelpies. I wish the snakebite story would update again, as the name escapes me for it.

But back to your writing. You nail good believable interactions and emotions that take into account someone that has a whole missing, and run with it well. The past is woven into the present with remarkable means, and does not cross into being remotely near a mary sue, despite the power of many protagonists. What and who they face is balanced well, with thank the stars, smart, clever and strong villains in their field who bar their way. (I couldn't praise you enough for this.) Characters question themselves, and even suffer for who they are, to make a better choice. 

Still, i'm rambling, but wish you the best on your writing. And the conclusion here, I know that I will enjoy in proper fashion. What the nasty choice will be for the heroine, I don't, but hope it will be a gut-wrencher.

And this took about three re-writes, as I really had to hold back hammering PH a great day, for it failed to do what you did so well, and with less words needed by far.
I truly don't know what to say, but thank you, very very much.  I really appreciate praise, and not only is this praise, but it's praise done right.  Not only did you explain that you like Starlight, but you went deeper to explain why, and that kind of feedback is priceless.  It gives me an understanding of what I'm already doing and what  I need to keep doing.

You are correct in your assumption that Starlight is not considered a "major story" by the standards of EQD, as major stories were all fics that received their own posts on EQD.  (PH, Pink Eyes, Heroes)  Thanks to new rules by EQD, Heroes was the last one to receive such a treatment, and they won't be promoting anymore to their own posts.  To be honest, there are several stories out there that deserve that achievement (namely Murky Number Seven and Guise of Chaos).  I rather doubt that EQD will renege this policy, so there that is.

That's fine by me though.  All I need to know is that I look at the comments, the upvotes, and the favorites to know that there are people that are enjoying the story and are continuing to do so.

So again, thank you, for the continued readership, especially as close as we are to the end.
You are welcome, and it may take a few days to really organize my thoughts to a semblance in which I can give proper and constructive feedback. But I try in regards to work in which I give either an upvote or a downvote respectively. And in the worst of cases, to ask what people are considering when they wrote something, so that I can understand why it does or does not resonate to an immersive nature in the story. And you have brightened two more stories to inspect, as often, the tastes of what an author likes is often reflective on what they view as good. 

In your own views, and experience, can you offer advice on particular traps to avoid in the nature and progression of a story in this setting? I know of both the Fo:E wiki, and the forum hosting for that, alongside the FiM group, and have been browsing there, and reading of other authors blogs to look at good and bad ideas respectively. But having written in the setting, experience helps more than most, and I hope you can offer that to me?

But even if you can't, I still would thank you for a reply here, and wish you the best of days.