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Mountain Respite by Volraknil Mountain Respite :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 114 10 Ancient Noodlegod icon by Volraknil Ancient Noodlegod icon :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 11 5 Commissions open dragon stamp by Volraknil Commissions open dragon stamp :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 1 2
Until next time ~
River, tumultuous
and rash in its course,
if the stream stays unbroken,
will end as peaceful expanse
and become the horizon.
Let the river flow.
Give in, and be reborn.
A dragon from ashes.
Eyes, claws and fangs golden
And glowing muted scales
From metal chains molten.
And rest in a hundred years' slumber.
Place your paws firmly
With unfettered might
On the coarse ground.
Smirk burning warmly
Do not give up the fight
And like thunder resound.
...The end...?
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 2 4
Siberian tiger by Volraknil Siberian tiger :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 10 2
Forever yours.
And thus the beast returns to his chains. To his solace.
Having seen once again the beauty of the sun,
he cast away his defenses, raising himself in pride
and let the light of the sun reach his chest,
and warm up his heart.
Hoping this would be the one time.
Hoping this would be the one worthy.
Naive, he knew this would be once again taken from him.
For no one can hope to deal with a dragon
much less a chained, resentful and fiery dragon
and come out alive.
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 2 3
Fulgur and Ystalmuth by Volraknil Fulgur and Ystalmuth :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 43 10 Tribute by Volraknil Tribute :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 67 20
Oh, my dragon.
How it pains me that I must be away. To be yet unable to see you. I suffer, and I suffer for you.
This pain, sweeter than honey. Too sweet. And I suffer.
How I want to see your golden-fire fur adorning those muted scales atop your form. How I want to see the cloudy sky in your eyes once again.
Kept away from me, and oh, how I suffer.
This weight I carry for long and dark nights, night after night. Without rest. Endless . . . And it pains.
And the pain is yet become to bear sweet and delightful flowers, tinted with the essence of willful sorrow.
There is fire in and out from me, and I breathe but its remains. And yet I see but black.
As the chains are broken, more come to me. Hammered into place with nails.
They tug away at my soul, my heart, as I lay under the deep darkness of five nights. And on the sixth, I tug at them myself.
And it goes on and on, and when the sixth sun once again deceives me into relief, in wonder my scales I see that begin to shine with your muted
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 6 2
figure_3 (gift for me) by Volraknil figure_3 (gift for me) :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 11 6
Thou art the sea that dances in my cor
My freshness thy doing, amor.
Betwixt muted glow
Faintest, gleeful flame
Thine eyes strike as bow.
A knight and his dame.
Know that...
Thou art the fire that dances in my cor
My fierceness thy doing, amor.
Steal me away, dragon!
Whisper me a song
Fly me to the moon.
With thee I belong!
And I cry that...
Thou art the wind that dances in my cor
My freedom thy doing, amor.
O, storm unbridled
Grant our reverie
Thy blessing.
Stride, fulgur, taketh
By sheer force my breath
Now resting
Atop the eerie
Beast with hide scaled
Whose love I long for.
Thou art the spark that blazes in my cor
My feelings thine own, amor.
And if I mustn't...
If cruel night, abrupt
His claw takes away...
Shall his smell remain
Until next mornin',
Until the sweet sway
Of the rising sun
Our eyes meet again.
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 6 9
In the Silence
what majestic creature you are.
How you fill my senses and weigh down my heart
With your enthralling beauty.
If only you knew how beautiful you are...
And if you know,
How do you dare to live without having heard of it through my loving words?
Away from me, with your grace and your gentle expression
With those soft colors emanating from your form
And all around you,
And the piercing spark in your eyes.
my dragon!
Soar high, and show me once again
What true beauty feels like.
Even if I cannot reach you with my sweet caress,
I shall reach you
With my loving words.
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 5 14
Phantom Menace (gift) by Volraknil Phantom Menace (gift) :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 14 6 |COM| - Eta-Carinae2001 by Volraknil |COM| - Eta-Carinae2001 :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 20 24 Let's Rock N Roll! by Volraknil Let's Rock N Roll! :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 30 25 Burning the village. by Volraknil Burning the village. :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 42 55



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Fulgur Draconis —
Artist | Digital Art
:flame: I take commissions! :flame: Paypal and points. Note me if interested for details.
I'd appreciate your support. ~

Commissions open dragon stamp by Volraknil

Greetings and welcome to my page! You may call me Fulgur. I'm an artist (and a fire dragon) who's in love with dragons and such others, and tries to insert them whenever he can in his stuff, be it drawings or literature or you-name-it.

Why I am here:
- To art.
- To spew fire on the poor innocent folks.
- To meet other dragons who enjoy doing the same.

What do I like, you ask? ...Besides dragons? Well, I like anything related to fantasy worldbuilding and storybuilding. DnD-related stuff, etcetera. I also happen to enjoy RP. If you're interested in roleplaying with me, you can send me a note if you think I'll click with you and we'll work something out.

Please do not thank me for llamas / favs. You're welcome.

My FA:…

My Discord: FVLGVR#7039



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You're welcome. ~
Doom-the-Squirrel Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2019
I like the symbol you have for the DA id.

Did you have inspiration from something?
Volraknil Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2019   Digital Artist
Ah it's a gift I got from CherishedDragon , I digitalized the design and added some effects. It's supposed to be my noodlederg from 'Tribute' as a Monster Hunter icon. It'll be changed though, we're working on sth better.
Doom-the-Squirrel Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2019
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