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Ciel Shimeji - RAR

By VoLoXi
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:bulletyellow:  I am still trying to find a solution to the mac issue for shimejis.  So far none of the mac ones ive tried to use to fix is have worked unfortunately.

The download button should be to the side of the image Near the fave picture button but if youre still having trouble finding it the lovely :icondat-cupcake:  has made an image tutorial about downloading it~ cupcakekitty9089.deviantart.co…

Made from the demnark shimeji by: :iconhaagendazs:
© 2011 - 2021 VoLoXi
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everytime i select him, it says the configuration file failed to load
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like okay I'm trying to download it but it keeps opening up in windows live movie maker and it says it isn't supported. I tried opening it with Winrar and I also have java but it ain't doing nothing! I know my computer can do it because I did Bill Cipher but I dunno I'm kinda new to this whole thing. My friend told me about them.
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I just tried uploading a new file version of it delete the old one then try to see if youre able to download that one and see if it works
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It needs some Java...I can't understand the writings since it's Japanese. Please help :(
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this is whats its asking for.  It needs that in order for the animation to run
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I click the download link but it keeps bringing me through an infinite loop. It wont download~
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Cute >w<
Awesome background btw :D
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Thank you C:
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Hi there. I'm interested in your theme. Is it available for download? I know it's too weird for me to notice that but it really caught my attention. I hope you can share the link with me. Thanks. ^^
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The kuroshitsuji theme?  I downloaded it from here.  Just search Sebastian THeme 
and it should pop up.  its created by danrockstar
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I Can Load It! By Clicking The Executable JAR File!
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did you mean the download file near the 'more from "~AriaOfSorrow"' because I clicked it and somehow it became a java file. Can you help?
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thats the first time ive heard this problem

But yes its the one thats above more form aria of sorrow. i dont know why its now working but try it again and see if that works if not ill try to send you the file instead im so sorry it did that
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I try to open the application file and it comes up with an error code in Japanese and I click yes it opens a java download page, i downloaded it and it still doesnt work?
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I have the same problem - except the java download page doesn't open in my browser.... then again I still haven't figured out how to get java in the first place so (->-) I guess I will never get a shimeji v.v
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Alright now I've downloaded the latest Java so it is already updated but nothing changes...What should I do? T^T
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Update your Java .
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Do you possible have another shimeji file that does work?
You can make a copy of that and then repaste the image folder with the ones for ciel

Im sorry to hear that its now working for you youre the first oen to have that kind of issue. Ill try to fix that.
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Can you make it a zip file? Pleeeaaaseee :D
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There already is a zip file =o
It wasnt in the artist comments?
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I found it :D and thanks so much!~ He is soo cute <3
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Youre welcome C:
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YESH!OMG now I need a Alois one xD
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Didnt care for the alois ones that were on da lol?
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