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The Silmarillion Meme (filled)

By volnaib

The Silmarillion (c) JRRT
Blank meme (c) :icontoradh:

(1) [Trust me.] I’m an engineer! The one who built the thing and pulled at the rope.

(2) Finduilas.

(3) Everything about this scene (the canonical version of it) is beautiful.

(4) I wanted to draw Beleg, I swear! (And yes, I've cheated here. This pic is old. But the one I did for this entry looked much less nice than this one.)

(5) Everything Numenorean seems to be steampunk as hell in my head. And red and yellow.

(6) Mim. Don’t mess with this buddy.

(7) Example A, Example B. [They’re all dead anyways. Yes, I'm cruel.]

(8) Finweg == Fingon. Also on the matter of Lays of Beleriand and songs see the “Sauron VS Finrod” metal battle: frames one and two, frame three. Yes, the one I've used for #4.

(9) I might’ve accidentally put two Silmarils there. Or not.

(10) Not all Balrogs look like minotaurs. (At least I want to think so.)

(11) I tag :iconphobs: and regret nothing.

P.S. Toradh, you're awesome.
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I came back here and see I never told you how genius is it. Love it! Especially the #9 - the Silmaril(s), but the whole set is great.
romenriel's avatar
Your balrogs are great. I am glad to see them looking completelly different than in films.
And Mim is... lovely? :o (Eek) 
volnaib's avatar
Thanks a lot! I grew to like this design, though at first actually I was all pro minotaur-PJ-FieryDemons.

Haha, I was aiming at making him a creepy little old man XD
Toradh's avatar
That’s some epic landscapes you did there…! Thank you so much for doing this, I’m delighted!
I've never seen anybody famous doing this meme, but I'd love to see it, too.
volnaib's avatar
Thanks, I always find myself reluctant to draw backgrounds, so - as the meme itself is a challenge already - I've decided to try out more of these!
I felt very nice about doing (and finally finishing, since it took a looot of time) it, yay!
I'm 97% sure that if Phobs did this it would be the most hilarious filled meme this Earth has ever seen.

P.S. Thanks a whole lot for the fav!
Toradh's avatar
This meme is kinda intended to be hilarious :).

And thank YOU for doing it!
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