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Hi, everyone! Please, read this RULES before submit a pic. :3

❣ Joining requests are automatically approved.

❣ You don't need to have a BJD to join! :3

❣ WE DO NOT ACCEPT RECASTS in this group. Please refrain from submitting a picture if it features a recast doll. The group is NOT recast friendly, and if we find out there is the picture of a recast in our gallery, it will be deleted and the member blocked.

Submission rules:

❣ Only photos, please. No drawings or other media!

❣ Only 3 pics per day will be accepted.

❣ Please avoid posting extremely repetitive pictures, like many poses and similar angles of the same session

❣ Please submit only your best pics! Low quality photos will be deleted.
By low quality we mean: when the photo is blurred or unfocused (unless it's intentional for the visual effect), bad angles (when can't 'understand' the pose of the doll), etc.

❣ Please submit your photos to the correct folder or they will be deleted, and a note will be sent to the owner. If you submitted accidentlly into the wrong folder just comment quickly in the submission process and we'll move it into the right folder.

❣ Only dolls from Volks Inc will be accepted. And no dolls from other companies on the Volks folders as well - other dolls photographed WITH a Volks Inc Doll will be acceptd ONLY in 'Group' Folder.

❣ Hybrids will be accepted if they have a head from Volks Inc.

❣ Sexy photos will be accepted, but please be reasonable!
Hiya folks. :3

So! Yet late again, but still on time!

This time announcing the Dolpa 30 happening in Tokyo at the Tokyo Big Sight on December 22nd, together with the Joint Festival - meaning a lot of things happening at one place, and Super Dollfie is a part of that! There are a lot of collaborations this time around, so do check the official website!

Also, the guidebook is cheaper this time around - since the Joint Festival is a free entry event, Dolpa is as well and guidebook won't count as a ticket. Great opportunity for the folks in Japan!

And on to the release list!

• SDGr 'Ah! Megami-sama' Belldandy
• YoSD 'Cyborg 009' Isao Nanjou (009)
• YoSD 'Cyborg 009' Chika (003)
• YoMidi 'Devilman' Asuka Ryo/Satan
• YoMidi 'Devilman' Akira Fudo/Devilman

As seen, we have two new YoMidi boys following the four ones from the cruise! And it's also Volks' first time doing other kinds of fantasy parts other than the Tenshi wings! :3

As for the DD fans, there's also some interesting stuff!

• DD 'Unbreakable Machine Doll' Yaya
• DD 'Sakura Taisen' Erica Fontaine

As well as an extra outfit set for Erica, just like Sakura had as well!

Well, that's it for today!
Good luck for everyone entering the lotteries or going after the dolls!
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