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Going to Otakon, bringing the mutt (and his Amaterasu). If you want to see it in person, Saturday morning before 11am between the convention center and the Hilton is your best bet.

We can't be out for long, so trying to figure out the best way to let people know, since some were disappointed when they missed him last year. It'll be before 11am / after 7pm, but it's hard to plan exact times when an animal is involved. For now, planning to update the fb page when we're heading out, but that seems clunky.
So I have a facebook page now. I'll be using it to aggregate content from various places, so if you're interested, please like it / follow it: Volkodav Cosplay.
Two Halloween-type dog costume contests coming up - one in Salem this weekend, one in Danvers next weekend.

Pondering taking the mutt to one in Amaterasu. Probably Salem. May be tricky with a lot of dogs around - going to have to tire him out beforehand.