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Beauty, Disgusting, Blood (ft. Blacknemera)

By Volinfer
Collaboration | Our VK Public
One more time we managed to collaborate with beyond epic BlackNemera. They came up with the idea of this and sketched the thing. I did everything else.
Music: Periphery - The Price is Wrong
Art © Me & BlackNemera / Chars © Me & BlackNemera

UPD: Since this reached the frontpage, make me a bit happier by also giving it a fave on Nemera’s account. You will help me if you help my dear friend <3
Beauty, Disgusting, Blood (ft.Volinfer) by BlackNemera
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© 2018 - 2021 Volinfer
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This is one of my favorite work of yours. :) 
Volinfer's avatar
This is our favorite work, too :) Thank you!
RedAim's avatar
офигеть. как классно.
Volinfer's avatar
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U aren't of this planet Damn good piece Blow your mind 
azraelengel's avatar
Oooh I like the lighting on this. It's very cool!
fabianrensch's avatar
Holy moly, that lighting is so beautifully made. Great job!!
Julia-Sawyers's avatar
This is so beautiful! Incredibly well done! Would you mind if I used this in a cover I'm doing?
Volinfer's avatar
I’m not against using my shit for covers, avatars, etc... But here you need to ask Nemera. If she’s against it, I’ll be against it, too.
Julia-Sawyers's avatar
Alright, I'll go ask her, thank you for letting me know!
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amazing collaboration ^^ and its nice to see more entries in the BUSTED series . Keep up the cool work ^^
Noxaunu's avatar
the lighting and dynamics are amazing <3
ThePaintedDogg's avatar
The light is so startlingly beautiful. 
JuneBugDrawss's avatar
This is amazing! I just love the dunamic poses!
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wildivider's avatar
U lala tahat so far my favourite piece of you!
It just look magical and this extra strong light mmmm!
Really awesome <3
Volinfer's avatar
What’s lala tahat (I love it’s sounding Lol)?
GokuMartin's avatar
Rainbow Rocked: Fluffy! Spot! I missed you both!
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