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HELLO EVERYONE. Yes-- this is an update. No, it's not a good one. Though I'm sure a large majority of you probably saw this coming.

Due to LIFE and a rather drastic change of interests, VolSa will no longer be open for new members, nor will there be any new events. Moderators and admins will be saying a regretful 'bye bye' to this group-- as we either have no time to manage it, or no interest to do so. We've all had some really great fun with this group, and I'm more than thrilled to have seen it rise to the success it once had; but there comes a time where people move on, and this is it.

Because I'm fully aware that some people would still like to rp within this universe, the chatrooms and forum will still be open for anyone to join and play with. However to do so, you'll simply need to manage yourselves within it (aka, be mature and try to obey the initial rules we put up for it, if only to be respectful for fellow members)

No-- I will not be giving the group to someone else to manage. Why? Because Voleros-Saga is my story, and perhaps in the future I'd like to work more on it in my own time. Maybe one day I'll be able to rejuvenate this place, but life and other priorities have simply gotten in the way and taken more residence. I simply would not be able to trust it in someone elses hands.

And that's about it! It's been a great ride and I'm sure we've all had a lot of fun, but I decided it was best to close things here instead of letting the group rot in inactivity.

Thanks guys.

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What's a  Voleros Saga?
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